Reviews of 6 Brand New Strains from CBDHempDirect

AC Diesel - closeup


CBDHemp.direct will be having a Black Friday sale. It starts Friday and goes through Cyber Monday.

They will be releasing two new limited reserve strains: Berry Wine and Charlotte’s Sauce AND …

offering $1 grams of CBD Flower, $4 cbd joints and $60 lbs of cbd trim. Just wow!

Today, I’m super excited to share some brand new and yummy strains!

As usual, first I’d like to thank CBDHemp.direct for being generous enough to send samples.

Also, I’d like to take a quick minute to thank any Smokers who came to check out the review! And if you haven’t checked out Smoke.io yet, it is an amazing new cannabis community that is growing like crazy.

Smells and other info will be up tonight. Until then, enjoy the photos!

Seller: CBDHemp.direct

Strains: AC Diesel, Casino Cookies, Chardonnay, Honolulu Haze, Sour Patch Kids, Sunset Sherbert

Price: $12.99 (1.5 gm) – $79.99 per oz (30 grams) — or $849.99 for a pound if you want it 🙂


I tried to take pictures to give you a really good idea of what you get if you buy any of these products.
AC Diesel – 18.5% CBD

AC Diesel

AC Diesel – 18.5% CBD

AC Diesel - closeup

Closeup of AC Diesel buds. Very nice! Super dense!

AC Diesel - bud dissection

Cross section of an AC Diesel bud. Easily the most dense of the bunch. Also, look at that beautiful purple in the middle!

Casino Cookies – 21.8% CBD

Casino Cookies

Casino Cookies – 21.8% CBD

Casino Cookies 2

Closeup of Casino Cookies

Casino Cookies - bud dissection

One of the bigger Casino Cookies buds, cut in half.

Chardonnay – 18.8% CBD


Chardonnay – 18.8% CBD

Chardonnay Close up

Closeup of Chardonnay

Chardonnay - bud dissection

One of the Chardonnay buds cut in half. Seed! Yass!!

Honolulu Haze – 23.9% CBD

Honolulu Haze

Honolulu Haze – 23.9% CBD

Honolulu Haze - closeup

Closeup of some of the bigger Honolulu Haze buds

Hawaiian Haze - bud dissection

Honolulu Haze bud – cut in half

Sour Patch – 14.5% CBD

Sour Patch

Sour Patch – 14.5% CBD

Sour Patch - closeup

Closeup of Sour Patch Buds

Sour Patch - bud dissection

A cross section of Sour Patch buds

Sunset Road Sherbert – 19.5% CBD

Sunset Road Sherbert

Sunset Road Sherbert – 19.5% CBD

Sunset Road Sherbert closeup

A closeup of Sunset Road Sherbert

Sunset Road Sherbert - bud dissection

Sunset Road Sherbert – bud dissection


AC Diesel
Sweet, Gas/Diesel/Fuel, Citrus

Casino Cookies
Sweet, Earthy

Citrus, pungent skunk/ pine/ spiciness/ and earthiness

Honolulu Haze
Sweet, Pine, fresh, citrus

Sour Patch
Citrus, sweet, fresh

Sunset Road Sherbert
Sweet, Skunk, Citrus

Bud Quality

To me, density isn’t important because some of the best cannabis I’ve had was not dense. But I know it’s important to some people, and this also give a better idea of what you’re buying.

None of these strains are airy or fluffy. I would call all of them pretty dense. Especially the AC Diesel.

AC Diesel 10/10
AC Diesel has to be the most dense nugs I have seen.
Casino Cookies 6/10

Chardonnay 7/10

Honolulu Haze 8/10

Sour Patch 9/10

Sunset Road Sherbert 8/10


AC Diesel 7/10

Casino Cookies 7/10

Chardonnay 6/10

Honolulu Haze 9/10

Sour Patch 7/10

Sunset Road Sherbert 7/10

Vaping experience

Vaping experience was excellent for all of these. Easy favorite was Honolulu Haze. Sunset Road Sherbert was also pretty amazing. Chardonnay and AC Diesel are old favorites. Sour Patch is super tasty. Casino Cookies would probably be last on the list, but definitely not bad at all.

AC Diesel
The taste is way more on the citrus side. It’s also very earthy/ woody

Casino Cookies
Earthy then sweet and mild

Strong terps / spicy – earthy middle and finish – good

Honolulu Haze
This one was easily my favorite of the group — Sweet, pine, citrus. Very piney / yummy after taste. Middle is sweet. Good till the end

Sour Patch
Super terpy beginning. Really tastes like candy. Finish is earthy

Sunset Road Sherbert 10/10
Super terpy beginning. Sweet earthy middle.

Effects 10/10

Yes. I actually tried all of these! And no, I’m not going to be able to give detailed info for each of the effects. Just know that CBD is CBD. The real difference here is going to be with the terpenes. But those are really going to be really minor differences.

If I was going to pick one strain to try, it would definitely be the Honolulu Pine. I believe it has the highest percentage of CBD I’ve seen yet at23.9%. That, plus the super good taste and smell … sold

I’d suggest choosing based on the potency of CBD and the taste/smell. You can’t go wrong that way.

Pricing 10/10

Quality is super high and price is super low. Just the way we like it!

Overall Grade A+

Please show your support

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Everyone have a great week!

Be well!

— Bud

Chardonnay CBD flower from CBD Hemp Direct


    • It was a lot to try. I had to take a break for a while. But I did try every one of them 🙂

  1. Hey Bud, I’m not seeing the trim or the pre rolls, did I miss it or are they just not on there yet? How did you find this out? Do I need to be on their mailing list ?

    • Looks like the pre rolls and trim are Monday? That trim will make a lot of tincture.

  2. Shipping on the black friday sale is set rate of $10. I talked to the sales rep and they said the rollies and trim would probably be going up monday for cyber monday, but hey, $52 for 1.5 oz. Can’t beat that! Thanks for the info and review Bud. I wouldn’t have known about it, if it wouldn’t for your website.

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