A Surprise from Boston Hempire

CBD salve

And some much needed pain relief!

Earlier this week I got a surprise delivery from Boston Hempire, and this wasn’t just a small sample. It was a HUGE box, filled with goodies.

I wasn’t planning to review any of these products, apart from just publishing the video below and writing about it.

All of the products they sent were super nice. And the package also came with a glass bubbler, lighter, and more (see video). But I’ve especially been enjoying the relief cream they sent.

Earlier this week, I was playing with my daughter (who’s growing way too fast), and I/we took a pretty bad spill. And in order to not let her get hurt, I hurt my knee and foot.

This cream really helped. I guess it could have been a coincidence, but I was limping and in serious pain for the previous 2 day, and then in the hours after I used the cream, the pain was gone.

I used it the next day. Once in the morning, and once in the evening. And today, my foot feels almost back to normal (lucky I didn’t break anything).

I will say the price is a little bit steep, but since it’s the only CBD cream I’ve tried, it’s definitely going to be a “highly recommend” from me!

Thanks again, BostonHempire.com! Mucho Preesh!!! — Bud

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