AC/DC CBD Flower from Coast to Coast Collective – LA

AC/DC by Coast to Coast Collective in LA - 1

Just a quick note before I get into the review. TweedleFarms.com just released their brand new version of AC/DC, and if I’m not mistaken, it’s actually grown on their farm (the fabulous Tweedle Farm).

I got a notification yesterday that a package from Tweedle Farms was delivered, and I’m 99% sure it’s the new AC/DC!

Well, as luck would have it, I’m actually out of town at the moment, so unfortunately, I won’t be able to review it until this weekend (Saturday or Sunday). Not really awesome, but stay tuned for that detailed review and video when I get back.

In the meantime, I thought I’d take the opportunity to review some hemp from a dispensary. ( And wouldn’t you know, the strain I bought is AC/DC!)

I thought it would be cool to review since I just tried the new AC Diesel from CBD Hemp Direct (video), and I’m about to try the new AC/DC from TF.

The funny thing is, even though it looks and smells the same, when you buy it from a dispensary, they don’t actually call it hemp. And it turns out that if you don’t call it hemp, you can charge a whole lot more for it.

Shopping na/10

I didn’t order this, but the store was really nice, and the cashier was super helpful.

Coast to Coast Collective in LA - Dispensary storefront

Shipping na/10

No shipping, but everything at the dispensary was really efficient.

Presentation 10/10

3C AC/DC came in a super sturdy small glass jar. It was a lot like the kind of jar that Venice Circle used, but this one has a child proof lid. A really nice touch.

AC/DC by Coast to Coast Collective in LA - 3

First Smell 10/10

I will say that the smell of this flower is definitely next level. I’m guessing it’s because it was grown indoors. It smells pretty sweet, but with lots of gassy/ diesel/ skunky notes. I loved it immediately.

AC/DC by Coast to Coast Collective in LA - 6

Bud Quality 10/10

First of all, let me apologize for the low quality photos. I don’t have my normal light setup, but take my word for it. These buds are beautiful! The pictures turned out kind of dull.

AC/DC by Coast to Coast Collective in LA - 1

Buds are super, super, super sticky. Unfortunately, there are no test results available with this flower, but I’d guess the CBD % is between 18% and 22%.

Vaping Taste 10/10

This AC/DC tastes a lot like Suzy Q from Tweedle Farms, and also Elektra from CBD International.

AC/DC by Coast to Coast Collective in LA - Vape
(for those wondering what kind of vape this is, it’s an Arizer Argo — see the banner on the sidebar of this site (bottom of the page for mobile))

This AC/DC is equal parts sweet/floral/citrus/diesel/ skunk. It tastes really amazing. Definitely top 5 for me.

Effects 10/10

As I mentioned earlier, this flower didn’t come with any lab results, but I’m willing to bet that it might have a smidge more THC than .3% you find in the products I usually review here.

AC/DC by Coast to Coast Collective in LA - 2

On top of the regular calming/ anti-anxiety effects of CBD, there’s also a really subtile heaviness in my eyelids. I’m also really sleepy. So I think this would be a great night time strain, but it would also be fine for daytime. This is really nice.

Overall Value 6/10

At $17/gram, $40/ 1/8th, and $270/ounce, this is way more expensive than just about all of the flower I’ve reviewed. From my limited experience w/ dispensaries, this really isn’t out of the ordinary at all.

I know this review is a little bit out of the ordinary, because it’s a product that most of you reading this won’t actually be able to try. Even so, I hope it’s been informative and interesting to see what people are getting in legal states.

Thanks so much for reading!

— Bud


  1. Interesting that you say ac/dc smells a bit like Elektra. Eletkra is an Oregon CBD seeds strain and is ac/dc crossed with Early Pine Berry. I’m growing Elektra at my farm (lukeshemp.com) this year.
    I think this review shows that properly dried and cured hemp bud is on another level compared to most of the quick dried hay being sold as hemp flower.
    I think this fall there will be a lot more producers like me trying to grow, dry, and cure hemp more professionally for the hemp flower market and quality will go up rapidly.

    • Yes! This is what we need! I agree. Most of the hemp on the market is rushed/ mass produced. I think that’s why they are having such a hard time selling the stuff! I mean, it’s nice to have super cheap hemp available, but I think the best (and most fun/ fulfilling) business model would be to go for the highest quality possible.

      Thank you for commenting, and I will try to follow your blog. Good luck!

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