Artisanal CBD Hemp Flower from CBD Hemp Direct

Artisanal CBD flower from CBD Hemp Direct

Today, we’re going to take a close up look at the new Artisanal strain from CBDHemp.direct.

I got this Artisanal in the same shipment with 2 other new strains that we already looked at: Gunpowder and Berry Exotic.

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If you want to know about the shipping and ordering info, please see one of the reviews above.

First Smell 9/10

Artisanal is a really uniquely flavored flower. It definitely smells like cannabis, but there is a really spicy smell as well. Very nice.

Bud Quality 8/10

The buds were medium sized and a very nice consistency.

There are no seeds at all.

Trimming could have been better.

Vaping Taste 9/10

Artisanal is sweet and floral, spicy, earthy, citrusy … you name it! haha. But seriously, it is kind of a journey of different flavors. It’s super tasty!

I’m really enjoying vaping it at 365 degrees Fahrenheit (185 celsius). It seems to be the temperature at which the flavor stays really nice for the longest amount of time.

Effects 9/10

I usually vape about .4 grams of this flower at a time. The effects are pretty fast when you vaporize this hemp. After just a few minutes, you can feel a calm fall over your whole body. If there’s any anxiety or racing thoughts, that sort of thing just kind of turns off and drifts away.

I use it during the day while working. I can also use it at night to wind down.

Overall Value 10/10

CBD Hemp direct is another company that has been consistently delivering a great product at a great price.

If you had asked me a few days ago, I would have said that the Berry Extreme was my favorite new strain from CBD Hemp Direct. But after having all the new strains for a week or so, Artisanal is definitely my new favorite from CBDHemp.direct.

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  1. Do you think HempDirect and Tweedle farms are about equal quality?

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