Blue Cheese from 420 CBD Hemp Flower Direct

Blue Cheese CBD Flower 7

Today we’re looking at a strain called “Blue Cheese” from a new company called 420 CBD Hemp Flower Direct.

Blue Cheese is a new strain I have yet to seen, but I enjoyed it very much.

Just a quick note, the format for reviews might change slightly over the next few reviews. If you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments or send an email. Thanks!

Seller: 420 CBD Hemp Flower Direct

Strain: Blue Cheese

Potency: CBD/CBDa ? Not stated – Less than 0.3% THC

Product: 1/8th of CBD Flower
Price: $35

Smell 8/10

The Initial Smell is not really strong, but pleasant. A bit sweet and floral with skunk.

Blue Cheese CBD Flower

After grinding the smell is about 100x more intense.

It’s very sweet, very floral, spicy, and there’s some fuel/gas there too.

The curing isn’t great, but it’s not bad. Plus, the smell when you break up the buds more than makes up for any missing curb appeal.

Bud Quality 8.5/10

Density: 8/10
Size: 9/10

Buds are forest type green with some muted purples and blues. Very pretty in the right light.

Blue Cheese CBD Flower 2

Taste 9/10

I vaped this flower with my Arizer Argo. Lots of tasty terpenes. Very enjoyable.

Effects 8/10

Relaxing, calming, pleasant

Blue Cheese CBD Flower 3

Pricing 6/10

At $35 per 1/8 ounce, the price is on the higher end (still way cheaper than dispensary prices), but on the other hand, the quality is good and it’s a unique / new strain that might be worth trying.

Overall Grade B+

Hope this has been helpful.

— Bud

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  1. I don’t get when you say still way cheaper than dispensary prices, it just depends on what state your in and the dispensary because fire can go for cheaper than $30 an eighth in plenty of them

  2. It’s 12.814% Cbda and the total converted thc is .48%. The other strand they got, space oddity or somethin is 21% cbd.

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