Boston Hempire CBD Flower Review

Boston Hempire - tins of hemp

Seller: Boston Hempire

Strains: Suver Haze, Lifter, and Sour Space Candy

Price: ~$10-$12/ gram to $100-$120 / oz

Boston Hempire - packaging

Smell – 9/10

Lifter – Sweet, Pine, Mint, Citrus, Skunk

Boston Hempire - Lifter

Sour Space Candy – Sweet, Sour, Skunk

Boston Hempire - Sour Space Candy

Suver Haze – Sweet, Pine, Earthy, Skunk

Boston Hempire - Suver Haze

Suver Haze. I found a total of 12 seeds in my eighth ounce. Score!

Bud Quality

Suver Haze – 6/10

Boston Hempire - Suver Haze - seeds

Some of the seeds I found in my eighth of Suver Haze

Lifter – 9/10
Sour Space Candy – 9/10


Suver Haze – 7/10
Lifter – 8/10
Sour Space Candy – 9/10

Effects 9/10

Effects were very good.  I think of the 3, the Suver Haze was my favorite.  The terpene profiles on these are really nice. Especially on the Sour Space Candy. Terps were super strong (vaping), and there were some nice relaxing effects for sure.

Pricing 8/10

Prices are extremely good for some of the ounces..  As quantities get smaller, prices rise. But this is pretty standard of the industry.  If you can afford it, definitely go with the ounce.

Overall Grade A

Boston Hempire has done a great job with their product.  The website is really nice and easy to use.   Branding and packaging is also very good.

I’m not sure about other sizes, but the eighth ounce comes in a pretty handy smell proof(ish) tin.   Something that you can easily and comfortably cary around.  And it does a good job at keeping in the smell.  It’s something I’m definitely going to keep and use it to store and carry small amounts of flower.  🙂

Boston Hempire is definitely worth checking out.

And to Boston Hempire …  Thank you very much for sending these eighths for us to check out!