Bud’s Favorite CBD Hemp Strains

Welcome to the list of my current (and past) favorite hemp strains.

I’ve ordered the list by strains that are currently available for purchase first, then strains that are not currently available below.

Strains Currently Available

  1. The Chardonnay “Top Bud” by CBD Hemp Direct

    Chardonnay is a new strain this year from CBD Hemp Direct. It’s awesome. But a few weeks after they released the regular packaged versions of Chardonnay, they released Chardonnay “top buds” aka colas. This is the very top part of a flowering hemp plant. One huge bud made up of smaller buds.

    Again, as with some of their other strains, I haven’t heard of the strain before, so I’m assuming it’s new.

    Chardonnay top bud

    Here’s the Chardonnay before I put it into the jar. So awesome!

    Potency: 16% CBD
    Smell/taste: Citrus, Diesel, skunk
    Effects: Uplifted, calm

  2. Durban Potion by CBD Hemp Direct

    Durban Potion is a new strain this year from CBD Hemp Direct. As with some of their other strains, I haven’t heard of the strain before, so I’m assuming it’s new.

    The buds were not too dense, but very big. And very fresh.

    Durban Poison CBD Flower

    Durban Potion by CBD Hemp Direct. Super big, super fresh, super good.

    Potency: 15% CBD
    Smell/taste: skunk, sweet, pine, spicy, earthy

    Effects: Relaxed, centered, calm

  3. P19 by Starseed Botanicals

    Starseed botanicals is a newer vendor, and also a grower (like Tweedle Farms). I tried 2 products from them, and they were both really good.

    This was my first time trying P19, and it was very nice. Super potent and frosty. Cured really nicely. Fresh. Dense.

    StarSeed Botanicals P19 CBD flower

    Potency: 15% CBD
    Smell/taste: pungent, weed/skunk smell, citrus, spicy

    Effects: Relaxed, calm

Strains – Currently Not Available

Unfortunately, you can’t currently buy these products at the time of posting, but definitely check the seller’s websites to make sure. It is currently close to harvest time, and I know for sure that some of these will be back in stock.

  1. Suzy Q by Tweedle Farms

    Oh my sweet Suzy Q! How I love you!

    I have tried lots of hemp strains, but Suzy Q still holds a place at the top.

    It mostly had to do with the fact that Tweedle Farms are actually both growers and sellers. It was ripened, harvested, cured, and packaged soooo fresh! Not to mention, harvested when ripe and cured well. Oh. And it was also greenhouse grown!

    I’m hoping they have a lot more of it for this October’s harvest.

    Tweedle Farms Suzy Q CBD Flower 2

    Super fresh greenhouse grown Suzy Q from Tweedle Farms.

Chardonnay CBD flower from CBD Hemp Direct


  1. Are there any other strains you would add to the list of currently unavailable favorites?

  2. Any more strains that are currently unavailable that you would consider as one of your favorites besides Suzy Q?

    • Yes. I’ll definitely be updating this list soon. But another one that goes on the list below is Otto x Cherry (greenhouse grown) from Tweedle Farms. That one was amazing too. Anything they’ve grown so far has been amazing. The stuff they source hasn’t been as good in my opinion, but still very good. It says in their product descriptions whether or not they grew it.

  3. Bud! You’ve got to order and review some of the flowers on cbdtechnologies.us by far my top one alongside starseed botanicals. They have secure, fast delivery, very discreet and very fresh organic flowers.

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