Finding Recreational Cannabis in California Isn’t Easy

Coming from an illegal state, I always look forward to visiting states with legal marijuana. So when I arrived in Orange County this afternoon, the first thing I did was to look for dispensaries near my hotel.

Using Leafly and WeedMaps, I was able to find several within a couple of miles of my Hotel.

I could have grabbed an Uber, but the weather was nice, so I decided to walk.

When I arrived and walked through the door, I took a deep breath. The walk was long, but that strong concentrated cannabis dispensary smell immediately put a huge smile on my face.

I was so ready! I knew exactly what I wanted to order. But just 2 little words totally wiped the smile off my face. And those words were: “Medical only”

What a bummer! With all the talk of recreational/ 21+ / Adult use legalization in California, I just assumed I would be able to easily find and buy legal cannabis. Well. I was so wrong.

It turns out that there are actually only a handful of places to buy recreational Cannabis in California right now. And unfortunately, I’m nowhere near one of them at the moment 🙁

I tried Eaze (a cannabis delivery company), but after jumping thru several hoops (like scanning and uploading my drivers license), I was told that they won’t deliver to the city I’m in (Long Beach). Double bummer!

I looked at some other delivery companies, but as far as I can tell, none of them actually deliver on the same day. It’s more like 1 or 2 day delivery.

Fortunately, later this week, I’m heading to West Hollywood to visit a friend. From what I’ve seen, that’s one of the places that actually has a few adult use dispensaries that are open. So hopefully, I’ll be able to buy something there.

As far as fully legal states go, I’ve only been to California and Nevada so far. But of those two, if you’re looking to experience “Cannabis tourism”, Las Vegas is definitely place to go. It’s not cheap, but in my experience, recreational shops are plentiful, friendly, fast, and easy.

If any California locals know of any alternatives, like a delivery service, please let me know.

Also, if you have experience with other legal states (CO, OR, WA, MA, ME, etc ) please share your experiences in the comments.

— Ed

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  1. My only experience purchasing in stores was in CO, and almost every town has a rec shop.

    Mind you, the smaller more conservative town I spent the majority of my stay in had pushed the only rec shop out to the far edge of town by the lil podunk airport.

    Some of the larger towns have rec shops right in the middle of downtown though.

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