Review of Chardonnay CBD Top Bud from CBD Hemp Direct

Chardonnay top bud

This is a special day indeed. Top buds from CBD Hemp Direct are back! And like I said the last time I had one (back in March), these are truly a special product, and definitely the coolest cannabis product I’ve ever had.

The last time CHD sold a top bud, the strain was Berry Exotic (one of my favorites). This time it’s the new strain, Chardonnay. If you haven’t seen my review of Chardonnay, you can see it here (tl;dr – it’s very good!)

I was 100% ready to order this product when it was released, but before I had a chance, this package was delivered. So a huge thanks to CBD Hemp Direct for sending it to be reviewed.

Strain: Chardonnay

Grow Environment: Greenhouse

Potency: CBD/CBDa 15% (high)

Shopping 10/10

Shopping/Shipping 10/10

Product: Chardonnay 25 Gram Top Bud

Price: $79.99

The bud was delivered in a standard priority mail envelope. Inside the envelope, the bud was packaged in 2 sealed plastic bags.

There was absolutely no smell until I opened the plastic packaging.

Chardonnay top bud - packaging

Presentation 10/10

Testing Grade 6/10

The test results included trepanned analysis and potency tests, but no test for pesticides.

First Smell 9/10

Chardonnay has a very nice smell. It’s pungent / skunk/ sweet/ pine/ spiciness/ and earthiness.

Chardonnay top bud - envelope
However, with the top bud, the bag it comes in is very big, so the first smell was not nearly as strong as it was in the smaller 4 gram bag.

BUT. After I finished photographing it, I broke the bud down into 8 or so really big buds and stored it in a pint mason jar. After about 10 minutes, I opened the jar and took a smell. It was much more intense. So just keep that in mind. I’m basing the smell on more than just opening the bag and sniffing.

Bud Quality 9/10

The sheer size and density of these buds is truly amazing. It’s one bug foot long bud. And when you break it down, you end up with like 8 huge buds. Packed with CBD.

Chardonnay top bud

Vaping Taste 9/10

For vaping, I’m using my Arizer Argo set at 370f.

I wrote about the vaping taste in the previous review (the 4 gram bag of Chardonnay), and it was definitely good. But with the top bud, the flavor is somehow even more intense.

Vaping Effects 9/10

I vaped about 1/3 gram of ground Chardonnay in my Arizer Argo. The bowl was longer lasting than average, and after a couple of minutes, I was much more relaxed and centered. Great for day time for sure, but also great for winding down.

Chardonnay top bud - closeup

Overall Value 10/10

I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

  • Coolest cannabis product ever
  • Tastes and smells amazing
  • Lots of CBD / long lasting in a vaporizer
  • Great effects
  • Only about $3 per gram

This is well worth it. Get it before it’s gone.

I hope this has been helpful. And stay tuned for more reviews soon!

— Bud


  1. I posted a comment regarding this product on you’re Chardonnay review. I’m glad to see that you got this and posted your review. I plan to order mine within the next 2 days, I hope they don’t sell out B4 I get mine. Really looking forward to it!

    • Thanks! I just saw the other comment. This is definitely a must get for sure!

      It would be so awesome of this became more common. Even more awesome of you could buy either fresh or partially dry whole plant at a discount and trim/cure at home.

      • I gave a good shout out to CBD Hemp Direct for ya about a week ago. Told them that your reviews and good info. Totally influenced my decision to buy their products. And now I’m a customer for life! would like to try some tweedle farms maybe. I got my top buds ordered!!!Thanks again Bud J!!!

  2. I don’t know if this was just a copy paste mistake but above under “Shopping/Shipping” you have “1/8th of CBD Flower” – is that the total yield after trimming? Doesn’t seem right so I wanted to make sure.

    • Sorry about that. Definitely copy/paste mistake. And thanks so much for pointing it out!

      • Did you happen to get the yield after cutting the large buds from the central stem?

        • Aprox. 22-23g. And it is amazing, I’ve tried several strains this one is my fave so far! I just noticed 3 new strains available from CBD Hemp Direct!!!!!

  3. Can’t decide between the berry exotic, ac diesel, or jazzy from cbdhemp.direct. I recently tried hemp CBD bud and I was very impressed, coming from a daily high thc bud smoker. I’m probably gonna go for the 30 g popcorn ac diesel. Which of those three strains do you think had the most noticable effects?

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