Charlotte’s Sauce CBD Flower Review

Charlotte's Sauce CBD Flower

Hello all! Today we’re going to be taking a close look at Charlotte’s Sauce CBD flower from CBD Hemp Direct.

The first time I saw this flower was during Black Friday when they were selling it for $1 per gram!! It’s a little bit more than that now, but we’ll get to the price later. Let’s get into the review.

Strain: Charlotte’s Sauce

This is my first time sampling Charlotte’s Sauce. As I said before, it’s a strain that CHD released last fall.

Smell: Strong skunk/pine smell. Also quite sweet/floral smelling. My kind of smell.

Packaging: Charlotte’s Sauce comes in a small plastic jar. I’m a big fan of these over the plastic bags because of the way they preserve the smell and protect the flowers.

Bud Quality: Buds aren’t huge, but they are pretty average size. They are also very fresh and vibrant looking. Bright greens, oranges, and hints of purpling. Very attractive.

Effects: Effects are relaxing and very enjoyable. Strong body effect with good pain relief and anxiety relief.

Pricing: At only $20 for a 7 gram jar, you honestly won’t find much of anything that comes close to this value. Especially considering the quality. I have a lot of respect for CHD b/c a lot of companies have come and gone, but they have consistently supplied very high quality CBD flower at some of the best prices.

Overall Grade: A+

Not many products get an A+ here, but the price and quality of this Charlotte’s Sauce easily make the grade. Highly recommended. You can get it here and make sure to use mjgeeks at checkout for a discount.



  1. Hey Mjgeeks could you do a review on the Private Reserve GSC on CBDHEMP.DIRECT before it’s sold out?

  2. When I got this during the 1$ gram sale it was over dry and tasted like cut grass with hints old smelly socks. Must have gotten a lot better

    • I got some like what you’re describing. The smell wasn’t that bad but it made pretty good coconut oil drops.

  3. This strain is very good. I’ve been happy with every strain I’ve tried so far aside from the private reserve. I ordered the Vegas lights from the private reserve, and the visual quality is incredibly misleading. The pictures show “beautifully manicured” hand trimmed quality buds. But it’s the same mechanically trimmed buds as anything else, just a smaller batch of these two strains than other strains available sent in plastic jars rather than bags. I’m my opinion, not worth it. Much happier with the non misleading plastic 7 gram jar of birthday cake #2.

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