Charlotte’s Sauce CBD Flower Review

Charlotte's Sauce CBD Flower

Hello all! Today we’re going to be taking a close look at Charlotte’s Sauce CBD flower from CBD Hemp Direct.

The first time I saw this flower was during Black Friday when they were selling it for $1 per gram!! It’s a little bit more than that now, but we’ll get to the price later. Let’s get into the review.

Strain: Charlotte’s Sauce

This is my first time sampling Charlotte’s Sauce. As I said before, it’s a strain that CHD released last fall.

Smell: Strong skunk/pine smell. Also quite sweet/floral smelling. My kind of smell.

Packaging: Charlotte’s Sauce comes in a small plastic jar. I’m a big fan of these over the plastic bags because of the way they preserve the smell and protect the flowers.

Bud Quality: Buds aren’t huge, but they are pretty average size. They are also very fresh and vibrant looking. Bright greens, oranges, and hints of purpling. Very attractive.

Effects: Effects are relaxing and very enjoyable. Strong body effect with good pain relief and anxiety relief.

Pricing: At only $20 for a 7 gram jar, you honestly won’t find much of anything that comes close to this value. Especially considering the quality. I have a lot of respect for CHD b/c a lot of companies have come and gone, but they have consistently supplied very high quality CBD flower at some of the best prices.

Overall Grade: A+

Not many products get an A+ here, but the price and quality of this Charlotte’s Sauce easily make the grade. Highly recommended. You can get it here and make sure to use mjgeeks at checkout for a discount.


  1. Hey Mjgeeks could you do a review on the Private Reserve GSC on CBDHEMP.DIRECT before it’s sold out?

  2. When I got this during the 1$ gram sale it was over dry and tasted like cut grass with hints old smelly socks. Must have gotten a lot better

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