First Look at the New ArGo from Arizer

Arizer Go - ArGo

Arizer has finally started taking orders for it’s new vaporizer, the ArGo.

The ArGo’s method of vaporizing is the same as the Air and the Solo models, but it comes in a much, much smaller package.

The Air and the Solo aren’t necessarily large devices, but the ArGo easily fits in the palm of your hand. Even with the glass stem inserted.

Another stealthy feature of the ArGo is a retractable top that completely covers and hides the glass stem. And with the stem covered, the ArGo is about as suspicious looking as a laptop plug.

Arizer Argo1

Build quality
The argo seems well built. But the top part that goes down to expose the stem seems a little light/ weak to me.

Loading the Chamber
The ArGo is truly easy to use. The grind of your material doesn’t really matter too much. Course or fine, as long as you don’t pack the chamber too tightly, it works just fine.

Temperature Adjustments
The Argo has a display and controls right on the side of the device, which is really convenient. The temperature can be adjusted by one degree increments, from 50°C-220° C (122°F- 428° F).

Draw Resistance
As long as you don’t pack the chamber too tightly, draw resistance is not a problem at all. And even if you do pack it too tightly, draw resistance is still better than some of the other portable vaporizers on the market.

Flavor is top notch. With the Argo, flavor was still there on draw 7, even as vapor started to lessen.

Emptying is a snap. Just pull out the chamber and give a light blow, and a uniformly browned puck of ABV falls right out.

The only part of this device that will require cleaning is the glass stem. To clean, just soak the stem in ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, and use a cotton swab on a stick if necessary. Really easy.

This device is pretty tiny. So in the looks department, it’s really stealthy. It looks more like a power adapter than a vaporizer.

Arizer Argo2

Vapor Quality
Great vapor. Great vapor production. The only downside is that since the device is so small, the vapor can be slightly warm. Other than that, really tasty.

As you can see by the picture of the ABV (Already Been Vaporized) vs freshly ground herbs below, the Arizer Go does a great job at evenly heating dry herbs.


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