Pressing Fresh Rosin with CBD Flower

CBD Flower Rosin - prepped hemp buds

I’ve been wanting to try a rosin press for a while now. Well, today just happened to be my lucky day.

The guys at Rosin Technologies just happened to be demoing their products at a grow product exhibition, and I just happened to have some hemp buds with me! (lots of happening happening 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the weights, but the guys who pressed it for me seemed to be pretty impressed with the yield.

And afterward, I actually got to dab the result. And…

It. Was. AMAZING! Tasted soooooo good!!!!!

Here are some pics of the process. Enjoy!

Pressing the CBD Flower

We started with this Chardonnay flower from CBD Hemp Direct. This is the top bud I got a couple of weeks ago.

Chardonnay top bud

Here’s the Chardonnay before I put it into the jar. So awesome!

CBD Flower Rosin - Chardonnay CBD Hemp Direct

And here it is in the jar

CBD Flower Rosin - Press

This is the rosin press they used to press 4 grams CBD flower. They have much cheaper presses, but this one is pretty advanced and costs about $3600.

CBD Flower Rosin - Ready to press

This is 4 grams of Chardonnay flower – 15% CBD from cbdhemp.direct – getting prepped

CBD Flower Rosin - prepped hemp buds

This is the 4 gram puck after being pre-pressed – so it can fit into the little filter bag.

CBD Flower Rosin - Pressing

The press is heated to about 205 degrees, and the pressing was really productive

CBD Flower Rosin - Result 1

The guys from Rosin technologies told me that this was actually a good yield. It smells amazing!

CBD Flower Rosin - Result 2

Here’s what I got from 4 grams. I wish I knew the weight, but I was so excited I forgot to ask. I’d guess it’s at least .4 grams or more. Any guesses?

CBD Flower Rosin - Yield

Here’s the spent puck with the rosin (it’s been in the freezer).

Chardonnay CBD flower from CBD Hemp Direct

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  1. Wouldn’t it be closer to .5 gram assuming 4 gr of material and and less than one hundred percent yield of 15% strength?

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