Hemp / CBD Flower Grow Day 9

Hemp Grow Day 9 - Cherry Wine

Scroll down fo more pictures after the video:

Hemp Grow Day 9 - All Plants

Here’s an overview of all 8 plants currently in the room.

Hemp Grow Day 9 - Dirty Shirly

This is the most expensive seed I sprouted (Dirty Shirley), and it’s looking a little runty :(. Hopefully it perks up soon.

The rest of the plants are Cherry Wine and Purple Power Ranger (which might also be Cherry Wine — not sure).

Hemp Grow Day 9 - Cherry Wine

Hemp Grow Day 9 - Cherry Wine

Hemp Grow Day 9 - Cherry Wine

Hemp Grow Day 9 - all plants

Hemp Grow Day 9 - Grow Room / Closet

A wide shot of the whole grow room / closet.

Hemp Grow Day 9 - Overhead Light

With the light on. It’s about 2 feet above the plants.

Hemp Grow Day 9 - outside

And finally, the outside plants. These are only getting full sun from sunrise until around noon.

The two tiny plants in the background were inside, but had issues (Seed cases were stuck and they were stunted). They look like they’re doing ok outside.

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    • Both. But the outside plants are t doing great. I think it’s too hot 🙁

  1. Why do u like cherry wine so much? I haven’t tried it yet because it had lower cbd% am I missing out on it?

  2. Hey bud since you in cali you can raise the thc level a little try to grow some Charlotte Webb.,berry blossom,harelequin,Jamaican lion,cannatonic,sour tsunami,Avi-dekel.im pretty sure you like it more then hemp.

    • It’s not one of my top favorites. It’s pretty good though. But the reason I’m growing them first is because I have a ton of Cherry Wine seeds. But only a few of my favorite strains. So I’m using these to get more growing experience / practice before growing the others.

    • Thanks for the recommendations! I think i’m going to end up being a flavor (terp) chaser. haha. Also I’m excited to find strains with good cannabinoid profiles that work well for anxiety, focus, and headaches.

  3. Hey I’m sorry to bother you again but you seem like a pretty smart guy and I trust you, I was wondering if you could make a review that just talked about all the different stores online that you have bought CBD flower from.? Like I try to read all your reviews and look at the different stores online that you bought from I think it would help out a lot of people if you made just a quick post so maybe people could browse through the different online shops because it’s hard to trust some of these online shops so pretty much only the ones you bought from I buy from if that makes sense, sorry just thought it would be a cool idea all your fans would probably appreciate. I don’t know I would definitely appreciate it

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