Hemp Hash CBD Flower from CBD Hemp Direct!

Hemp Hash closeup

This week, I had the good fortune to be able to order some hemp hash. I got it in the mail on Monday, but as many of you know, I don’t smoke. I also don’t have a vaporizer that works with concentrates. So this review will not include a section on vaping taste, but I’ll do my best to give you a good idea of what you are buying when you get this hash.

Shopping 10/10

I ordered this hash from CBD Hemp Direct along with several other items. It is a new item, and I’m assuming it’s one they will continue to keep in stock for the long run (hopefully).

As usual, with CBDHemp.direct, ordering was really easy and fast.

Shipping 10/10

If you read the previous review of Gunpowder CBD flower, you’ll know that CBDHemp.direct may have broken several records by getting my shipment all the way across the country in zero business days. ( I Ordered late Friday night, and got the package Monday around noon.) Crazy fast.

Shipping was extremely discrete. Absolutely no smell at all until I opened the box and containers. And everything was in perfect condition when I received it.

Shipping from CBD Hemp Direct

Presentation 9/10

There is absolutely noting wrong at all with the packaging. It was just a plain sealed plastic baggie. But I think a mini glass jar would kick it up a notch or two. The only problem was that after I opened the heat sealed baggie, there was no way to re-seal it. For now, It’s in one of the bigger zipper bags I had sitting around.

Hemp Hash

Other than that, it is a beautiful product.

Testing Grade 5/10

Safety testing: No (-5)

Potency Testing: Yes (+3)

Terpene Analysis: Yes (+2)

CBD Hemp Direct hash test results

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First Smell 8/10

There wasn’t a super strong smell, but it does smell really good. It’s just a lite floral smell.

Hemp Hash in a jar lid

Hash Quality 9/10

Again, I really don’t have anything to compare this to. I’ve only ever had hash once, and it was a long time ago. I know there are different grades of hash, but this seems really nice to me.

Vaping Taste 10/10


Effects NA

Again. I haven’t been able to try it yet, but I’m just going to assume that the effects are really good. And hemp concentrates is actually something I’ve been wondering about for a while now.

Hemp Hash thru a microscope

Microscopic shot of the hash. — I used my little microscope and did my best to get a quick photo using my phone’s camera.

Compared to flower, this hash is much more concentrated. So you actually might want to be carefull that you don’t over do it.

Overall Value 9/10

The hemp hash from CBDHemp.direct is such a cool product. I wish I had gotten to try it, but as soon as I get a vaporizer for concentrates, I can say that I will 100% be choosing this product (1.5 grams of all natural, unprocessed hemp kief hash) for just $25 over the processed CBD isolate powder that costs at least $30 for a gram.

Hemp Hash closeup

I never thought I’d see the day when I could just go online and order some hash. It’s so freaking cool.

Huge kudos to CBDHemp.direct for bringing us awesome products like this. Legal states, eat your heart out! lol.

Get it for $25 at CBDHemp.direct