The Quest for High Quality Hemp Buds – Part 2

High Quality Hemp Buds

We recently published a review of The Quest for High Quality Hemp Buds – Part 1 where we reviewed “Select Hemp Buds Rich in CBD” from kanapinis.eu.

At the time, they were the only option I could find anywhere for hemp/CBD only flower.

Well, let’s just say that things have changed.

I (and many others living in CBD only states) had searched several times in the past for places to buy hemp flower/buds with no luck. Like I said, kanapinis.eu seemed to be the only option.

A few days before Thanksgiving, I decided to try searching again for some better quality hemp buds. I ended up on a site that looked like many others I had seen. It had several ads for the same low quality European hemp that are shown on just about every other site claiming to sell hemp.

But when I scrolled down a little more, I found several ads advertising hemp buds for sale from Oregon and Colorado. The ads showed photos of some really nice looking buds. But instead of the links of pointing websites selling the flower, they each led to a basic contact form.

I was extremely skeptical, but I filled out about 5 of them asking about the products and how I could order.

Of the five, I only got a reply from one. It was a really friendly gentleman called Zev who gave me a link to his website (Herbalites.com). After a little more back and forth via email and being assured by Zev that these buds smelled “wonderful” and had “zero seeds”, I went ahead and ordered 20 grams.

I have to admit that after chatting with Zev, I was pretty optimistic that what I ordered was going to be a lot better than the seed filled buds from Europe. But what I actually received via UPS 2 days ago was so much more than I could have ever imagined.

Herbalites hemp package

When I opened the package and pulled the contents out, I was pretty much in disbelief.

The buds ranged in size from about a half gram, up to 1.5 grams, and were nicely trimmed and looked like they belong behind the counter of a dispensary. There wasn’t a seed to be found anywhere (I honestly wouldn’t have minded a few ;), and they were covered in beautiful orange hairs and trichomes.

The odor isn’t super strong, but there is definitely a nice subtle smell of good bud. But give the flowers a little squeeze, and you get a strong sweet/floral, fuel, earthy smell. Super tasty!

Hemp Buds

I ground up one of the buds and put it into my Firefly 2 vaporizer. Those first few draws taste so delicious, and the next several draws produced a respectable amount of vapor.

Yes. This is technically hemp

Unlike tinctures, which can take up to 2 hours to feel the full effect, vaporizing brings on the wonderful calming and anxiety relieving effects of CBD minutes after inhaling. And unlike products made with CBD isolate, all of the different cannabinoids and terpenes present in these flowers provide much better results.

At this point, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to share this or keep it all to myself. This stuff is so amazing, I was honestly worried that once people found out about it, they would be sold out next time I went to order.

But in all seriousness, this is an amazing product, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Not only is it amazing, but it’s only $9/gram. You can get 6 grams for about $50.

Herbalites.com hemp products

This is a picture I borrowed from their website (I hope they don’t mind). As you can see, they also sell pre-rolls, ground leaves, and hemp leaf tea.

So do yourself a favor and get yourself some!

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  1. Hey Bud J, how long did it take herbalites to send the package after shipping? And how would you rank the products so far between the Cherry Wine from CBD hemp direct, the Special Sauce from herbalites, and the therapy tea from cloud 9

    • It’s been a little while, but I don’t think there was anything out of the ordinary about shipping time. Not a long time. Not really fast either. Maybe like 5 days?

      The first order of herbalites was way better than my most recent. The most recent batch had some pretty small / immature flowers. Since it’s the most recent experience, I’m going to have to use that for comparison.

      I’d say:

      1) Buy Legal Meds (all strains)
      2) CBD Hemp Direct – even with the seeds, I thought it was really good
      3) Empire Wellness (all strains I tried) – really small buds. It was not bad though. Just expensive for what I got.
      4) Herbalites. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still a great value. The quality of the 4 ounces I bought just wasn’t great. Still a HUGE, huge, HUGE improvement over kanapinis.eu though.

      • Bud – Thank you for the mention. We are getting our hemp from an organically certified Colorado hemp farmer and will be switching to his indoor product as the outside crop has been sold out. Glad you liked what we sent and look forward to further purchases. Still a great value.

    • What about the ones from Venice Kush hemp found on the Venicecircle.com site has anyone tried that hemp flower??? Looks nice just looking for info on it ?

  2. I’d love to order from herbalites but they only take checks? How’d you deal with that?

  3. Hi Bud J,
    Can this be smoked in a bowl, instead of a vapor pen? I have a bad neck and hoping this will reduce the pain.

    • Yes. It can definitely be smoked. I just don’t like the taste of anything burnt. Not even the best cannabis.

  4. Hey Bud J, have you gotten herbalites new flower yet? You said they were sending you their switch to their higher quality indoor flower.

  5. Hey Bud J, have you gotten herbalites new flower yet? You said they were sending you their switch to their higher quality indoor flower.

  6. I just recently tried the herbalites product and it was dark, smelled really piney and it was super harsh and pretty nasty, on the label it stated it was from a September 2017 harvest. I saw your review on it and was hoping to get some of those bright, fresh looking buds and your review was really positive. This was definitely not what I was expecting, the effects were somewhat pleasant for the first time trying a CBD flower but it was really harsh at the same time and for the next day or two I had a cough, more like trying to cough up any nasty tar in my lungs (they seriously felt like they were coated with nastiness, only way to describe it). I’m sure any smoker that has been around and smoked buds for awhile knows what I’m talking about when you get a nasty, bad batch. I still have quite a bit left and I’m not sure what to do with it, I will probably give it away, but I almost feel bad for the person that I would give it to, because it kind of sucks and I feel almost mean trying to do something that’s deemed as a nice act (of giving) because it’s really not (good) and I feel bad for whoever gets it (sorry for the ramble). But I can’t knock the CBD movement or the hustle, but purchasing from herbalites was definately an unpleasant experience. I am not giving up on finding something better though and I know that there is better out there. I can see it by the picture of your initial purchase in comparison to what I received, just all in all a bad purchase. Hopefully herbalites gets better and stops trying to dish off the bottom of the barrel to random people and use that stuff to try to make flavored tinctures or something because that is not quality, by far.

    • Hi Sam. That stinks! This was actually the first hemp I ever tried, and when I got it, it was really good (see pics). Would you mind coming over to https://reddit.com/r/cbdflower and posting a review about this?

      And, I’d recommend trying some of the newer vendors I’ve reviewed. For example, CBDHemp.direct.

  7. Sam – I am so sorry you had such a bad experience! It is very helpful to hear this as you are the first person to have this kind of response to our hemp.

    We just got a new batch of the #5 that was grown in a different part of colorDo but looks greener and has a different smell. If you send me your contact info via email I will send you a free sample.

  8. I’m a Michigan medical marijuana patient and am looking to buy some hemp seeds or clones with high CBD content . I really want to grow my own and am no looking to get high. Thank you for any info you can give me concerning this matter.
    Dwayne Gascho

    • Organically grown Non-GMO certified cultivars–email us for full list–Hawaain Pine, Fuck Cancer, Master Kush, Bubblegum, Cherry, BOAX-Jasmine, Cherry, Dank Greens, Otto #2, Lambs Bread, Special Sauce, AC/DC, Deep Forrest, etc.. (408) 753-0672

  9. Our delivery service down south just closed, so we are trying to move the extra flowers on deck, got : Kurupt Moonrocks and Moonrock Ice, Gelato, Sour, Gorilla OG, Gorilla Glue #4, Lemon K, White Wid, GDP ,GSC, Blue dream, Blue berry, Super master OG and Pineapple express.
    willing to ship or deliver. we guaranty safe delivery. text /call to arrange something, no bs (408) 753-0672

  10. Hey i didnt really like the hemp i thought it was to erby and harsh on my lungs i think i deserve i refund it was trashy

  11. I actually got the 1/2 oz. Trimmed bud tops from herbalites recently due to your review on this mjgeeks, and the images looked stunning, the way you described the buds 100% made me very interested in the company myself as I live in a state that sadly hasn’t legalized cannabis completely so I’m unable to smoke anything containing THC. And haven’t ever tried CBD hemp before in my life !! I live with alot of physical pains, a degenerative disc disease, depression etc, to name a few. The idea of CBD hemp buds such as the kind herbalites sell was such an exciting thing for me to come across (: as I don’t like pill medications at all >–< which killed me to be honest but I'm an understanding person because things can't always be perfect and as pictured so I don't hold anything against the company !! They look like they still offer some amazing stuff I guess I was just unlucky, kinda sucky for a first time experience ever but still love your review as it bright me into learning such a thing as CBD buds existed so I appreciate that !! (:

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