Honolulu Haze is Really, Really Good!

Hawaiian Haze

In the last review, we looked at a whopping 6 new strains. Since then, I’ve had time to really check out each of them, and I just had to do a follow up on Honolulu Haze 23.9% CBD from https://CBDHemp.direct

Not only is this the highest level of CBD I’ve seen in a cannabis strain, but the quality is top notch as well. Not to mention, I love the smell and taste!

Hawaiian Haze - closeup

This one is a must try!

If you’ve tried this strain, please drop a comment and let me know if it’s just me! lol.


— Bud


  1. It’s definitely not just you, I couldn’t agree more with you that this is one amazing strain. Obviously, the extremely high CBD levels help, but beyond that the effects are quite unique as well. I love that cbdhemp.direct keeps coming out with new & exciting strains, as you know better than most the majority of companies grow the same strains, some just better than others. I hope, and I’m sure we will, soon see many more companies experimenting with new Genetics. I also wanted to thank you for helping me find so many new vendors and products that I was having difficulty finding. I use hemp Flower as medicine & I’ve seen a sea-change in my quality of life since I’ve been using it. Thanks again MJGEEK!

  2. Hello, I just bought Honolulu Haze. I tried this high quality flower with both the ghost mv1 vaporizer and the boundless tera vaporizer and also with a waterpiece attachment for the tera. I’ll be honest; to me, the effects felt stronger than the cbd kief nugs cbdhempdirect sell lol the taste is phenomenal. Feels not just like good quality if I compare it to lifter from tweedle; the variety in terpenes and highest cbd is phenomenal, it’s something else.

  3. I have epilepsy and this strain is awesome. I can feel it working in my head to prevent a seizure. The taste is badass and it doesn’t get me stoned.


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