Honolulu Haze is Really, Really Good!

Hawaiian Haze

In the last review, we looked at a whopping 6 new strains. Since then, I’ve had time to really check out each of them, and I just had to do a follow up on Honolulu Haze 23.9% CBD from https://CBDHemp.direct

Not only is this the highest level of CBD I’ve seen in a cannabis strain, but the quality is top notch as well. Not to mention, I love the smell and taste!

Hawaiian Haze - closeup

This one is a must try!

If you’ve tried this strain, please drop a comment and let me know if it’s just me! lol.


— Bud

Chardonnay CBD flower from CBD Hemp Direct


  1. It’s definitely not just you, I couldn’t agree more with you that this is one amazing strain. Obviously, the extremely high CBD levels help, but beyond that the effects are quite unique as well. I love that cbdhemp.direct keeps coming out with new & exciting strains, as you know better than most the majority of companies grow the same strains, some just better than others. I hope, and I’m sure we will, soon see many more companies experimenting with new Genetics. I also wanted to thank you for helping me find so many new vendors and products that I was having difficulty finding. I use hemp Flower as medicine & I’ve seen a sea-change in my quality of life since I’ve been using it. Thanks again MJGEEK!

  2. Hello, I just bought Honolulu Haze. I tried this high quality flower with both the ghost mv1 vaporizer and the boundless tera vaporizer and also with a waterpiece attachment for the tera. I’ll be honest; to me, the effects felt stronger than the cbd kief nugs cbdhempdirect sell lol the taste is phenomenal. Feels not just like good quality if I compare it to lifter from tweedle; the variety in terpenes and highest cbd is phenomenal, it’s something else.

  3. I have epilepsy and this strain is awesome. I can feel it working in my head to prevent a seizure. The taste is badass and it doesn’t get me stoned.


  4. Just ordered some. New to cbd so cant wait to see how it is hopefully its better than the oil tinctures ive tried.

  5. I just bought 5 grams of this for 30 bucks at my favorite head shop and it truly is unbelievable. That first hit will sink in within 30 seconds and you can keep going after one hit, but for me, one hit relieves my pain and anxiety, so no need for more than one hit for me. The smell is amazing, like top shelf medical marijuana. They probably soaked it in terpenes before curing to make it smell like that, but nonetheless, it smells great. Smokes great, burns like tobacco, no complaints.

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