Indoor Hemp Grow Day 18 of Flower (Day 52 from Seed)

Purple Power Ranger female flower

It’s been a week since the last update, and things are really moving right along! After losing 4 plants because they were males, we are left with (I’m pretty sure) 4 lovely ladies who are finally really starting to show their flowers.

We lost 1 Cherry Wine, 2 Purple Power Ranger, and 1 Dirty Shirley, so what we have left are 4 Purple Power Ranger (Industrial Hemp) plants.

Male cannabis flowers

Here’s a closeup of one of the male plants. They are very easy to identify b/c of the little banana shaped sacs (sometimes called “balls”) that grow in clusters. These will eventually open up to be tiny little flowers with lots of pollen. If the pollen comes into contact with a female flower, that female flower will produce seeds.

Purple Power Ranger female flower

This is a closeup of a female cannabis flower. The purple color is all from the LED lights, but what you are looking for is the pistils coming out from between nodes in the plant. On this plant, they are white, but sometimes they are white with pink or purple.

Here are the 4 female plants that are left.

Chardonnay CBD flower from CBD Hemp Direct


    • I would definitely like to harvest some seeds eventually, but I’ll probably try cloning first.

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