Indoor Hemp Grow – Day 20

Indoor Hemp Grow - Cherry Wine

Here we are! Day 20. I took these photos early this morning and the girls (hopefully) are looking very fine. (Scroll down to the bottom for video) – Over the past few days (days 16 on), I started to notice that the growth was slowing a bit. I’m sure they were growing, but just not as noticeably as they were over the first 2 weeks.

Indoor Hemp Grow - All Plants

Thisi is a wide shot of all 8 plants. It’s starting to get a little bit crowded in here!

This is because the soil I bought came with fertilizer in it, and that fertilizer only lasts for about 2 weeks.

So yesterday, I drove to my local hydro/grow store and picked up some plant food for the vegetation phase.

Indoor Hemp Grow - Cherry Wine 2

This is the tallest plant of the Cherry Wine bunch.

The vegetation phase is where the plant focuses on growing leaves and stems only. It grows tall and bushy during this time. The next stage is the flowering or bloom phase, where the plants will focus all of their energy on growing flowers ( buds ).

I bought a product from Advanced nutrients called Sensi Grow. It’s high in nitrogen (needed for vegetation phase). I am only using 1/4 the recommended amount for now. I’ll increase slowly just to make sure I don’t harm them.

Indoor Hemp Grow - Dirty Shirley

This one is definitely the odd plant out. Dirty Shirley from The Seed Kompany. Very interesting looking.

I also bought a product called PH down b/c my tap water is slightly basic (around PH 9). A few drops makes my water just the right PH for the plants.

I watered yesterday, and there was a noticeable difference in growth overnight. So I think I’m on the right track.

At this point, I’m watering about every other day, so tomorrow (and the rest of the week) I’ll water with just the PH balanced water (no nutrients). Then I’ll feed again on Monday.

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Thanks for reading!

— Bud

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