Indoor Hemp Grow Day 27

All 8 plants

I added a new light to the plants last week. It’s way more powerful, but also a lot hotter. –I monitored the heat, and it was consistently in the 90s. Way too hot. So I ended up moving everything to an inside closet.

A closeup of one of the topped Cherry Wine plants

This is the “Dirty Shirley” strain by the Seed Kompany. Very different looking plant.

A side view of all 8 plants. Just to give an idea of how tall they are.

Just a quick update about this weekend’s failed hemp review. I ordered from Mystic Roots last week, but evidently, I entered the wrong zip code for my address. Fail on my part. But I’m working on getting it fixed.



  1. What kind of soil did you use? Was it a mix and what brand I tried growing some in my local soil but I guess it was too acidic…

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