Indoor Hemp Grow Update Day 7 of Flower

Here we are at day 7 of flower. Before starting flowering, I was a little worried that I might have started too early, but only 7 days later, the plants have almost doubled in height. The tallest is almost 2 feet tall now. Quite a stretch. But now they won’t be in danger of getting too close to the light (hopefully).

This photo was actually taken yesterday, and at that time there were no pistils showing yet. I’m really hoping they will start showing sex really soon because it’s getting extremely tight in the grow tent.

Last night, I fed the first full feeding of organic flowering fertilizer by Advanced Nutrients. I also learned that I need to adjust ph AFTER adding fertilizer (the fertilizer is quite acidic. And also quite fowl smelling.)

New veg room
I’ve set up a little space in my outside closet for a vegetative grow room. It’s in the same outside closet the original grow was started in, but I found a way to keep it cooler.

I’ve got several new seedlings (including Otto x Cherry from Tweedle Farms! ) started in the new veg room. The plan is that they will stay in the veg room until they are about 1 foot tall, then I’ll transfer them to the flowering room. A continuous cycle!

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