Introducing the mjgeeks CBD Shake Pack

If you’ve been following on Instagram and, you know that I was in Vegas last week putting together a surprise.

I’d been wanting to put together something like this for a while, and finally decided to reach out to one of my favorite hemp sellers (CBD Hemp Direct). And thank goodness I did! They couldn’t have been cooler! I was invited to to make these.

To be honest, their operation really blew me away. 2 warehouses side by side. Super organized and surprisingly comfortable climate. lol. I felt like I was inside of a humidor w/ perfectly comfortable humidity of around 50%. And work going on constantly. I always heard good things about — and had good experiences myself with’s shipping. But after seeing how hard they all work, it makes sense.

Why Shake?

Well, I’ve been living in Los Angeles since July now. When I first got here, I was buying 3.5 grams at a time for $30-$50 (way more when you add all the tax and tips). That’s fine if you are using recreationally, but if you are using as medicine, this is completely unsustainable.

Next, I got a medical card. Prices were a little bit cheaper, but unless you can afford to buy ounces, the prices for small amounts are still too high.

The thing I finally settled on was shake. Not all dispensaries sell it, but I was buying ounces of shake for as low as $60. ($75 after taxes /tip). Not the best deal, but at least it wasn’t breaking the bank.

Shake is Potent and Cheap

With shake, you’re getting all the good medicine from CBD flower, but without the huge price tag.

It’s a Way Better Deal for Smaller Amounts

Gram sizes won’t be available (these 3.5 gram packs were hard enough to pack. I couldn’t imagine having to pack zillions of gram bags!!) This is by far the cheapest way to get 3.5 grams.

The mjgeeks Shake Pack

I spent all day Thursday and all day Friday at’s warehouse. I had my own station and a big bag of cbd rich shake.

mjgeeks shake pack
  • Packs start at 3.5 grams and will go all the way up to a 28 gram pack (1 oz)
  • Higher quantities will consist of multiple 3.5 gram packs. This took more of my time, but makes the packs cheaper for you guys!
  • I suck at weighing, so all of the packs are over weight.
  • There are a select few packs that are up to DOUBLE the expected weight. I was attempting to make 7gram packs. It was possible, but super difficult, so I stopped at around 15, but just mixed those 15 in with the rest.

These Packs are Packed with Goodies!

I got a selection of goodies from Champs, and stuffed each pack as much as I could.

What’s in it? Well, it’s a surprise! So you’ll have to wait until someone posts theirs on IG! lol.

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