Juicy Fruit, Knight Ryder, Durban Potion: 3 Brand New (Fire!) Strains Reviewed

New products

Today we’re going to be looking at 3 brand new strains from CBD Hemp Direct. Since I’m reviewing 3 products here, the format will be a little bit different, but hopefully more clear.

Strain: Juicy Fruit

Potency: 16.3% CBD

Price: $39.99 for 7 grams, $79.99 for 30 grams

Smell: This just might be one of my new favorite strains. It smells very tropical, very fruity, and a litte skunky.

Also, I don’t know if it’s the coloring/ design of the package, but I swear it smells like the old fruit stripe gum. So good!

Bud Quality: Buds are pretty average size. Very dense. Good cure.

Vaping Taste: Great flavor. Citrus/ sweet/ earthy

Vaping Effects: Super relaxed. Feeling great/calm/centered / euphoric.

Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit CBD flower

Strain: Knight Ryder
Potency: 9.3% CBD

Price: $39.99 for 7 grams

Smell: The smell is very citrusy, earthy, and fresh.

Bud Quality: Buds are pretty huge. Not very dense, but more fluffy (huge). The color is very dark purple, and the buds are really nice. Fresh!!

Vaping Taste: The taste is very pleasant. Sweet, floral, fruity, and earthy.

Vaping Effects: Very nice. Relaxed, calm, centered, euphoric.

Knight Ryder CBD flower

Knight Ryder CBD flower

Knight Ryder CBD flower

Knight Ryder CBD flower

Strain: Durban Potion

Potency: 16.4% CBD

Price: $39.99 for 7 grams

Smell: Citrus, Diesel, skunk

Bud Quality: Amazing! This bud is the size of 2 or 3 golf balls! So fresh. Great trim. Smells amazing!

Vaping Taste: Super good!

Vaping Effects: Centered, calm, focused, euphoric.

Durban Poison CBD Flower

Durban Poison CBD Flower

Durban Poison CBD Flower

Durban Poison CBD Flower

Test results are available for all 3 of these new strains by scanning the qr codes in the photos.

Overall Value 10/10

CBD Hemp Direct really hit a home run with these 3 products. If I had to pick a favorite so far, I’d probably have to go with the Durban Poison b/c it’s so nice, but the Juicy Fruit tastes and smells amazing too. So does the Knight Ryder.

My advice? Amazing products. Amazing price.

Run. Get it before it’s gone. And if you do, make sure to use our code mjgeeks. You’ll get it cheaper and help support mjgeeks at the same time.

I hope this has been helpful. And stay tuned for more reviews soon!

— Bud

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  1. Awesome! CBD Hemp Direct is continually raising the bar on already amazing products, I can’t wait to try these new strains!!!

    • Forgot to say thank you, mj geeks (BUD J) for all of your good info! Thanks a million mane!!!!

  2. Are you selling out and being sponsored by cbd hemp direct now? That stuff was trash compared to tweedle farms batches

    • Selling out? You send me flower and I’ll review it. Is that selling out?

      Also, you can’t compare Tweedle to CBD Hemp Dir. Tweedle is a grower. It’s an art. CHD is a seller. And they try to sell the best flower.

      Can’t wait for Tweedle to harvest. But till then, you’re seriously missing out if you’re not trying new strains from CHD and others.

    • Not Bud J’s fault that one company is sending out more new product to be reviewed. Tweedle Farms still has top reviews from Bud. Keep in mind that he also spends his own hard earned cash for the majority of the products being reviewed.

    • Considering Tweedle just released a batch of therapy and a batch of suver haze (neither grown by them) and both sold out within hours, it appears lots of people agree with you. It also appears that getting flower from them is difficult as hell at this point.
      cbd hemp direct’s site is offline currently, so you won’t have much luck there either.

    • So you actually tried it? Or are you just basing that on the picture? It may not be super dense, but still tastes and smells amazing. This is some of the best CBD flower I’ve had hands down.

  3. Effect wise, I tried the Durban potion and it was very good, but yes, leafy. Big fluffy, sticky buds, but it didn’t burn very well for some reason, it vaped really good but I like the smoke. I’m wondering if the juicy fruit, because it has more converted cbd is more potent effect wise. And also, how do these compare to jazzy?

    • Same. I got some yesterday and was highly disappointed that it wouldn’t burn properly. I suspect it was improperly cured.

      • Interesting. I don’t smoke, so I’ve never paid attention to things like that.

        Are you rolling joints or using a bowl?

        Also, is the effect from smoking better? Or do you just prefer smoking?

        Thanks for the helpful info too.

  4. What vape do you use?
    And if you had to recommend an affordable portable vape, what would it be?

    Thanks for all your reviews and the hard work you put into this site!

    • I have a few vapes, but IMO for a cheap, small, decent vape that can do flower and concentrates, I love the healthy rips fury 2.

    • Yes! I too was looking forward to smoking cbd to avoid DT’s and anyways I went to the dollar store n bought some thc tests. Needless to say I was positive. But I experimented and found that if I didn’t smoke for around 3 days I would be passing the tests. Of course I had smoked a doobie before those three days clean. I feel if you smoked/vaped in moderation and not daily you could be fine but always err on the side of caution, especially if your job or “freedom” depends on clean pee. Side note- I found that smoking a regular joint with thc took longer to have negative test results, 9 days for me. Thc content and other factors do play a role in test results as we are all physiologically different. Hope this helps a little. Ps, The only way to certainly test negative is to use CBD isolate.

  5. Recommendation on portable vapes and what TempsTemps use for dry buds as well as sticky buds??? I’m quite new to the world of vaping..

  6. Aside from jazzy, so far I haven’t liked any of the flower I’ve had from CBDHD much. It’s way better than the uberschwag that was available a few years ago, sure, but that’s a very low bar to set.
    OTOH, I love their kief and hash, so I usually try a few grams of their flower when I order. Most of it is still sitting in my drawer.

  7. Knight Ryder was pretty garbage, Durban Potion was good and Juicy Fruit sold out to fast to try lol. And now you cant even find cbdhd website lmao

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