Legal Suzy Q CBD Flower from Tweedle Farms

Tweedle Farms Suzy Q CBD Flower 2

Today, we’re looking at a brand new product available from Tweedle Farms in Oregon. It’s Suzy Q CBD Flower (15% CBD), and the prices are really good.

I have to say. Since the current market for legal CBD flower is still so small, we’ve been seeing a lot of the same strains floating around lately (Special Sauce, Otto, etc). So it’s pretty awesome to be able to try this new (to me) strain.

Shopping na/10

Shipping 9/10

I ordered on Sunday, Feb 25th, and the package was delivered on Thursday, Mar 1st.

Tweedle Farms Packaging

The package arrived via the USPS, and was a medium sized yellow padded envelope.

As I have started doing every time I get CBD flower in the mail, I brought the package to my nose and took a deep sniff. Nothing.

So I did it again, but this time I squeezed the package and smelled right at the corner… And … Ding, ding, ding! There was that familiar skunky cannabis smell.

Just to be clear, the smell wasn’t obvious at all. I don’t think anyone would ever take the time to grab and squeeze a perfectly normal looking envelope. And even if they did, and opened it. They would find an insert explaining that this product is perfectly legal.
Tweedle Farms Insert

Along with a copy of the lab results for this batch of Suzy Q.
Tweedle Farms Lab report

Presentation 9/10

This Suzy Q flower came in a plain black smell proof zip lock bag. Nothing fancy at all.

It was sealed, but I’m assuming there was a puncture hole somewhere in the bag that let the smell out when I squeezed it.

Testing Grade 10/10

Safety testing: yes (+5)

Potency Testing: Yes (+3)

Terpene Analysis: Yes (+2)

Suzy Q COA test results

Click to see full size

First Smell 8/10

The whiff I got from the corner of the envelope was quite strong, but nothing compared to opening up the bag and giving it a true smell test.

Tweedle Farms Suzy Q CBD Flower 1

And I have to say. This flower is up there in the top 2 to 3 for me for sure. The smell was really nice! Very sweet, very floral, a bit earthy, a bit of fuel (especially when ground), and a bit skunky.

Bud Quality 9/10

After the quick smell test, I poured out the bag of flowers, and I was genuinely surprised. For a $30 half ounce, this flower was turning out to be pretty amazing!

The buds were trimmed very nicely, and the color was excellent.

Tweedle Farms Suzy Q CBD Flower 3

They weren’t crushed or flattened at all. All buds were in great condition and very fresh looking.

Tweedle Farms Suzy Q CBD Flower 4

And upon closer inspection, there are tons of visible trichomes full of delicious cannabinoids!

Tweedle Farms Suzy Q CBD Flower 2

So far, I haven’t found any seeds 🙁 . And for me, that’s not awesome, but I realize it’s definitely a plus for most.

Vaping Taste 9/10

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gotten used to the flavor of Cherry Wine and Therapy Tea lately or what, but the taste of this Suzy Q was so amazing and refreshing!
Tweedle Farms Suzy Q CBD Flower in a grinder

The vaping taste is super floral and sweet. I got a hint of citrus and also a hint of lavender. But there was a really familiar taste that I still can’t quite put my finger on. If anyone else has tried this flower, please post a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Tweedle Farms ground Suzy Q

I can also tell that the concentration of cannabinoids is pretty high because vaping sessions are relatively long.

Effects 9/10

The effects of Suzy Q are very nice. It’s hard not to call it a “high”, because even though you’re not getting that typical heavy psychoactive THC effect, there is definitely a feeling. Call it “high”, call it “medicated”, or whatever you want. The bottom line is you get all the awesome benefits of CBD, a tiny hint of THC, and
the benefits of all the other cannabinoids and terpenes.

This strain is a hybrid, but the effects are relaxing and also uplifting. It would definitely be a good daytime strain.

Overall Value 9/10

I had no idea what to expect when I bought this flower. $30 $50 for a half ounce is SO cheap a decent price! You can also get a whole ounce for just $50 $100!

I am so tempted to just give this a 10/10 for overall value, but I only hesitate because I know there are tons more amazing products to come.

So it’s a 9. Bottom line is, this is a really great product at a really great price. Go get some and let all of us know what you thought.

Be well!

— Bud

By the way, here’s a link to Tweedle Farms: https://tweedlefarms.com/

Tweedle Farms gave out a discount code for 25% off over on Reddit.com/r/CBDFlower. They have actually answered several questions over there, and they seem to be the real deal. An actual farm that sells CBD Flower (as opposed to someone buying a ton of flower in bulk and re-selling it).


  1. Where does this rank as far as effects of what you have tried so far?

    • I think the effects of Therapy Tea were stronger. At least I enjoyed it more. I But this ranks top 4 for sure.

    • I have tried Koi and Elixinol 1000mg CBD juice, CBDistillery CBD Isolate Powder and a few other brands with very little positive effect. I just got an ounce of Suzy Q today in the mail so I tried it out.

      4 hours earlier I took a 30mg oxycodone, a few fibromyalgia meds and a big tablespoon of great Kratom. (highly recommended) and then a few hits of Suzy Q destroyed the pain.

      Suzy Q is awesome! Its much more effective than any form of CBD I have ever tried. I haven’t smoked pot for about 35+ years, so there is zero tolerance built up. I smoked about a pea sized piece of Suzy Q and I was amazed beyond belief!

      The Kratom from KratomCrazy was a 50/50 mix of Super Green Malay and Red Vein Bali. Kratom sure helps but its nothing like when I smoked the Suzy Q. Tomorrow morning I will try Suzy Q by itself to see what it does, it would be great to get off the Oxycodone I have been on for ten years now. I have high hopes for Suzy Q, this stuff is awesome!

  2. Where are the pesticide and heavy metal reports i do not see them on there website ether?

    • You’ll have to contact tweedle farms and ask them. And please post an update with what you find.

  3. Looks like their payments are down or something getting errors when purchasing :/

    • Call them. You need to select the QuickBooks payment method. Then they’ll send you an invoice email and you pay there.

      I talked to them today, the guy I spoke was super nice and stoked to be talking to someone from Virginia I think.

      Anyways, he said he doesn’t have online payment set up yet on the website so you go through the QuickBooks and it goes through their retail system or something along those lines.

      Hope this helps!

  4. I’ve been using Tweedle Farms for quite some time. I use the Susie Q and Susie Q sugar trim to make an extract to make tincture and tea. I use this product to stabilize a tumor, not only does it help with anxiety, it seems to be slowly shrinking the tumor! Received medicine quickly and discreetly packaged.

  5. Is there a reason you decided to delete my question about heavy metals and pesticides since it makes things look much worse if your deleting comments that are being asked about important topics like this since there is no information on there website let alone your review.

    • Sorry. I’m just super slow at responding to comments. I’m still getting used to people actually commenting on my posts 🙂

      I responded.

  6. Just went to the Tweedle Farms website. Prices have doubled since your review. Listed now as $60 1/2oz and $100 1oz. Very disappointing… ☹️

  7. Hi, what temperature do you vape at to get the most CBD out of this strain. I just received my order from TweedleFarms this week.

    I’m new to vaping and so far this product is the best I have found at this price!

    • I usually have it at 400 degrees F

      You might try starting at 275 or so. And stepping up the temp by 25 degrees at a time. See where you like the effects the most.

  8. Well, Teedle Farms just doubled the price of their Suzy Q to $60 1/2 and $100 for an ounce.. Very disappointing that they are jacking the price up and treating customers with the greedy approach.

  9. they changed prices from 30$ to 60$ to 100$ an OZ smh. pure greed

    • We understand people are upset about the price increase and we apologize for that. however, you are posting false information. The price for an ounce was never $30. It went from $50, to $100. It was $30 for 1/2 ounce, And that is for the suzy q only. This is inline with other very high quality CBD flowers and i find that hard to describe as being greedy, especially when some of the bigger sites are charging $240 and ounce for comparable product. The main reason we did this is because we got completely flooded by people that were buying our product at the very low prices we had them at, jacking up the price and selling it on other websites. Since the raise in prices that has stopped. Also, you may have noticed that the price for our otto x cherry cross has not changed at all, ($25 for 1/2 ounce and $40 for 1 ounce) and the difference between the two in CBD percentage in only 0.7%.

      We are sorry for the inconvenience, please use code CBDFARM for %25 off your next order.

      Thank you!

      • tweedledee i think you are doing the right thing and it does appear like your products are still very affordable compared to other sources. I can’t wait to try your cbd for myself.

  10. Still a good price for the value, other prices are way higher for less flower, but Evansvillecbd.com is also a good place to get some flower

  11. I was just fixing to buy and the price doubled. Price gouging?

  12. Just ordered 2 ounces of the Otto x Cherry for only $60 (with the discount code) that’s the best deal I have seen, and I have scoured the internet. I will let everyone know the quality when I get it. After seeing the Suzy Q I have high hopes.

      • It’ll be delivered Friday. I will definitely let you know. I may do a review if I have time this weekend.

        • Disappointed in the Otto x Cherry from Tweedle Farms. SUPER dry tiny buds absolutely LOADED with seeds!! I’m not going to be buying from them again… I will be posting an in depth review when I have time, quality is not good.

          • Same here j31 very disappointed buds are dry and crisp very small

          • Tons of seeds in mine. Pretty low quality. But super cheap. I’m definitely not bummed I ordered it.

  13. Even with the price increase it’s still a good value, definitely could of been dried slower and a cure but it still works the same. I would say this is about the same as empirewellness, therapy tea is the best one I’ve bought so far.

  14. Have you heard of venice khush sour desiel.can you do a review on venice khush sour desire from the

  15. Bud J, you said your top 4. May I ask what your number 1 top favorite cbd flower is so far? The best I’ve received was the therapy tea from empirewelness. Absolutely killer in smell, look, taste, and effects. But if there is any better you have found or you prefer over therapy tea id like to try it! Thanks man!

  16. Update to that last comment, I ordered from BuyLegalMeds.com

    Great website carries Cloud n9nes strains. Super high quality flower. Smell packs a huge punch and flavor is amazing.

  17. That familiar smell/ terpene found inn many CBD strains reminds me of those little gift basket flower petal soaps. A soapy, fragrant floral aroma. Its quite unique and exquisite.

  18. Tweedle Farms just got in a new batch of SuzyQ and a seedless batch of CherryxOtto. I still have some SuzyQ which is a great product. I’ll update once I receive the Seedless CherryxOtto. I’m newer to all of this, but two of my doctors suggested off the record that I try cannibas for severeFibromaygia. The SuzyQ isnt a cure, but it helps reduce the pain and stress. I’ll continue to try hemp the legal way, or try to get a cannibas medical card.. or someday I may just go to Colorado and try the full dosage.

  19. I recently purchased hemp flower and was wondering how you would recommend storing it. I’ve been keeping it in an airtight container ment for coffee. Will it get moldy?

    Thank you

    Maybe you can do a segment on how to properly store flower.

  20. At Reddit the CBD group was banned and the following message appeared.
    “This community has been banned
    This subreddit was banned due to a violation of our content policy, specifically, a violation of Reddit’s policy against transactions involving prohibited goods or services.”

    This is the 25% discount code that worked on3/21/2018 : CBDFARM
    I wish I had bought a pound of Suzy Q with my first purchase discount!
    It only took two days for delivery to Central Florida! Absolutely amazing!

  21. Just checking in…just ordered an eighth of each greenhouse strain and it ran me less than $40 with shipping using the CBDFARM code.

    Amazing deal!!! Pretty excited to try! If it echoes MJGEEKS’s reviews at all then they’ll have a new repeat customer!

    • I hope you enjoy! I can’t wait to get some more Otto x Cherry! It smells like candy!

  22. It looks like Tweedle Farms is about to start selling a Therapy strain! The pic of it looks great and they say “The nose on this batch is amazing!”

  23. Yea I’m also looking forward to trying the therapy strain! I emailed today in regards to the expected release date! Hope its soon…..

  24. Tweedle Farms cancelled their 25% code, probably won’t be ordering the Therapy strain now.

    Good products, I just don’t like the changing prices all the time. There are hundreds of vendors now. Some even selling it on EBay. Soon hemp flower will probably be selling for $40 an ounce. I’ve seen some farmers selling it for $200 a pound.

  25. Howdy would you mind stating which blog platform you’re working with?
    I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m having a hard time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal.
    The reason I ask is because your design seems different then most
    blogs and I’m looking for something completely
    unique. P.S Sorry for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

  26. I am excited to try Tweedle Farms Otto strain. I know from dabbing CBD that the effects are nothing like THC. CBD is just so relaxing witch is why I use it to self medicate chronic back, jaw, ankle, shoulder and foot pain. I am only 22 and have so much pain on a daily basis that taking tylenol was becoming a daily routine and excessive. One joint of CBD strains after a long day helps me relax and feel better. CBD shatter and Crystals help me to fall asleep and stay asleep witch is sometimes a problem. I dont know for sure how Tweedle Farms flower will be but I would suggest CBD to anyone with chronic pain or sleeping problems.

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