Lifter and Suver Haze from WisconsinHempFlower.com


Today, I’m going to be reviewing 2 brand new strains called Lifter and Suver Haze from a brand new seller, WisconsinHempFlower.com.

As far as I know, these are new strains developed by Oregon CBD and being grown by several different growers this year.

Seller: WisconsinHempFlower.com

Strains: Lifter and Suver Haze

Price: $40 per 1/4 ounce or $100 for 1 ounce.


Lifter -10/10 – Very sweet. Skunky. fuel/gas – especially after grinding

Suver Haze – 10/10 – Citrus. Sweet. Skunky, fuel/gas

A close up shot of Lifter

Even closer shot of Lifter

A closeup shot of Suver Haze

Even closer shot of Suver Haze

Usually, I give a score for the initial smell and another for after grinding, but the cure on this flower is so good that the initial smell is one of the best I’ve ever smelled. Super intense and fresh.

Bud Quality

Lifter -8/10
Suver Haze – 7/10


Lifter -7/10
Suver Haze – 8/10




Suver Haze

Vaping experience

I vaped both of these with my Arizer Argo on around 370 F.

Terpenes are very intense and tasty. This is personal preference of course, but I really enjoyed both strains.

I don’t have test results for this yet, but I’m guessing the cannabinoid content is pretty high because vape sessions lasted quite a while. Lots of vapor produced.



Effects 10/10

Both strains were amazing for anxiety. Vaping about 1/3 gram instantly relaxes me.


Suver Haze

Pricing 10/10

At $40 per 1/4 ounce and especially $100 per ounce, the price is EXTREMELY good.

Overall Grade A+

Just a heads up. Luke, the owner and operator of WisconsinHempFlower.com is just getting started, and only grew a very small crop of hemp this year. I think he said like 10 LBS of each. So if you are interested, don’t delay. Or you’ll have to wait till next year.

— Bud


    • Hey. I’m not sure about shipping b/c he just sent a sample. It was, however, double vacuum sealed and in a glass jar. Very well packed. Luke is just starting out, so I’m sure if you reach out, he’d he happy to help. For me, effects were awake. Super stress relieving. Calm. 10/10. Very good.

  1. I’ve been following his blog for a while now and I’m really stoked to try the flower. I didn’t realize who’s flower it was until I went to the retail site and saw the blog being advertised. Thanks for doing what you do Bud. Your efforts have grown this “hobby” of ours, for lack of a better term, and you get a lot of good info out to those of us who need viable options for natural medicine. Early on I got some TF Suzy Q because of this blog and our old reddit groups before they were axed and I really appreciate the fact that I have medicine I need because of you. Thanks again man.

  2. I ordered an ounce sent me a quarter!!! 😠😠😠 Pretty mad right now!!! Now I can’t get in touch with him… I will update when I can figure out whats going on!

  3. Got in touch with Luke last night simple mistake he more than made it right…Product is very nice!!!

  4. Bro how does Lukes Suver compare to starseeds suver haze? I am trying the lifter but if the suver has a diff taste profile then starseeds i will try both.

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