Believe It or Not, This Is One Plant! a.k.a The LST Monster

Believe it or not, this is one plant

I recently came across this grow on Reddit and thought it was pretty amazing. So I asked the grower for a quick interview. Check it out below:

LST Monster Plant

How many plants do you think this is? 6? 7? Nope! Just one!

Here’s the same plant about 1 month earlier (side view).

One Plant LST monster

How long have you been growing? and how did you get into it?
8 months. I smoke medicinally and recreationally. Was tired of dealing with shady folk.

I’ve also got a bio degree and have always had an interest in botany.

It seemed like a fun new hobby, and I was right.

What medium are you using?
Soil, a mix of roots organic and m3 mix

What kind of containers did you use?
Smart pots

What kind of lights?
You’ll see in my comments. I’ve been moving around alot but most this grow’s veg was 600w MH. When they were very little I used one then two 200w roleadro.

600W of QBs (Quantum Board) + 600W HPS (High Pressure Sodium)

(2×200 Roleadro’s were used from 9/24 to 11/1 in lieu of the HPS)

One Plant LST closeup

Anything for climate control?
Climate control – portable AC in the room. Then both tents have fans (450cfm) pulling air out into the room. The ac vents out a window.

What is the strain? Sativa/Indica/Hybrid? CBD/THC content?
Strain is borderliner xtrm its a hybrid.

Thc level Up to 25 %
Indica / Sativa Indica 50% | Sativa 50%
Climate Indoor / Outdoor
Yield indoor Up to 750 gram / 26.5 ounces per sq meter
Yield outdoor Up to 900 gram / 31.7 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor Up to 100 cm / 39.4 inch
Height outdoor Up to 250 cm / 98.4 inch
Flowering time 7 To 9 weeks
Harvest month October
Grow difficulty Easy / Moderate

One Plant LST closeup 2

Did you start from seeds or clones?
Both were from seed, but I cloned the one in my most recent post (tent B)

How long did you keep the grow in vegetative state? and what was your lighting schedule for veg?
4 months. 24 hours of light.

Do you recommend any specific tools / equipment for how you LST?
I follow traditional topping advice. 4th node and all that. I use string and clothes pins to to get a sufficient number of main branches then I let it bush out. The long veg let’s the roots fill out the pot, you can always cut it to size after the fact.

I built the SCROG out of pvc, screws, and string. When scrog time comes I cut and bend it into shape. Veg a little more if need be and then kick off flower.

Any tips for someone who wants to start growing?
RESEARCH. Research research research. It’s a nonstop learning process and 8 months later thats still the case. Growing is pretty simple and straightforward but there’s always more to learn. I wasted a lot of money starting out learning lessons that were avoidable had I done sufficient research.

Update: Photos of the Harvest!

Well. /u/ImThatMOTM harvested this beast, and it yield was just as insane as the plant!

This one plant below yielded 560 grams! That’s over a pound from 1 indoor plant! Pretty amazing! And hats off to /u/ImThatMOTM.

LST - ready to harvest

Dried and stored.