Making Hash Oil from 16% CBD Flower and Ethanol

Hemp hash oil 14
Hemp hash oil 01

Weighing the starting material. 5.7 grams of 16% CBD flower.

Hemp hash oil 02

Grinding the CBD flower.

Hemp hash oil 03

Decarboxylation — into the oven at 284 F for 30 minutes.

Hemp hash oil 04

After decarboxylation. The CBDa that was present in the flower is now CBD.

Hemp hash oil 05

I put the activated flower into a jar and added a few oz of ethanol. Enough to completely cover the flower.

I didn’t get a picture of this part, but here, I poured ethanol over the ground flower. Just enough to completely cover the flower, plus a little more. Then I put the lid back on the jar and shook it for about 3 minutes.

I then strained the mixture thru a coffee filter, into a fresh jar.

Hemp hash oil 06

Filtering the ethanol / cbd flower mix.

Hemp hash oil 07

Evaporating the ethanol using a small crock pot.

Hemp hash oil 08

What’s left after most of the ethanol has evaporated. Mostly oil, but also some alcohol.

Hemp hash oil 09

The oil / alcohol mix is evaporating relatively quickly

Hemp hash oil 10

Getting thicker

Hemp hash oil 11

Almost there.

Unfortunately, between this picture and the next, I had a pretty hard time getting all of the oil off of the paper. I ended up losing some of the oil 🙁 Next time, I’m going to try using non stick aluminum foil for the final evaporation instead of parchment paper.

Hemp hash oil 12

The final yield

Just about 10.5% yielded. Not too bad.

Hemp hash oil 13

CBD hash oil mixing with MCT oil to make a tincture.

Hemp hash oil 14

This morning, I added about a teaspoon to my morning green tea. Bulletproof?

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