My First CBD Flower / Hemp Home Grow!

In the latest review, I mentioned that I am now living in a legal state (CA)! Well. We’re still getting settled in, but I’ve been here just about 2 weeks now.

Growing cannabis is something I’ve always loved, but was only able to do it successfully once (when I was a lot younger). I’ve been wanting to do it for a while, and as many of you know, I’ve been stockpiling seeds for a while, but wasn’t able to grow b/c I lived in a state that will probably be one of the last to become legal.

Well, finally!! I can grow!!! Woooot!!!!

So 3 days ago, I picked out 3 strains: Cherry Wine and Purple Power Ranger from CBD Hemp Direct (This was in the early days when their flower had seeds — so grateful for that!!), and one strain I purchased from SeedsHereNow called Dirty Shirley.

The first 2 to sprout were the CBD Hemp Direct strains. One of the dirty Shirley seeds has also sprouted, but hasn’t popped thru the dirt yet.

I actually germinated several of the PPR and CW seeds, but only 2 of the Dirty Shirley b/c they were WAY expensive.

As I mentioned, only one Dirty Shirley has popped so far, but I’ve had 5 or 6 of each of the 2 CBDHempDirect seeds pop.

Anyhow. If you can’t tell, I’m beyond stoked, and will be posting updates both here and on @mjgeeks Instagram. I hope you’ll follow along!

Also, stay tuned for 2 reviews this week. 2 companies I haven’t tried yet.

Thanks for reading and be well!

— Bud



  1. I’m so glad for you.just take care of them with organic potting soil and don’t put all the bullahit chemical that you see on the market.canabis is a weed will be easy to grow don’t worry about nothing.your seedling need a little water look kind of dry

    • Thanks! I have no experience with fertilizer at all. But I’ve seen how much damage they can do if you don’t know what you’re doing.

      So I’ll definitely steer clear for now.

  2. So glad you posted .Your doing good work.Hemp is almost legal fully just waiting for congress.

  3. I’m trying to do the same, but I used too acidic soil, could u update the grow progress with like extract way u are using soil lights and whatever I’m very intetested, thx man keep up the good work. Your reviews helped me get on board with hood cbd bud, and I just bought my first vaporizer for me and my wife the x max starry I hope its good 😕

    • Thanks! And yes. I definitely will keep a good record of the grow here.

      Awesome you got a vape. I was just looking back at the cost of tinctures and even isolate. Cost of CBD per gram is so much lower with flower. Plus it’s so much better (In my opinion).

      • Yeah dude for sure I actually Vape nicotine because I quit smoking cigarettes over a year ago so when I started rolling fat doobies of the CBD flower I started getting a pretty bad cough and realize that it made no sense that I was smoking flower but vaping nicotine LOL so I just bit the bullet and got one I’m pretty happy with it except I wish I can get bigger hits and vape more of the CBD flower. But I agree completely with you full-spectrum flower you’re getting everything possible out of it. That’s pretty cool you moved out to Cali by the way, we want to move as well me and my wife and baby are stuck in Minnesota at the moment and we’re thinking about relocating as well but I think we’re considering Colorado we’ve gone out there a lot and we enjoy the mountains but California is on our top as well we like it there too it’s probably a lot cheaper to live there than Colorado anyways so who knows what we’ll decide. Here’s a link that I found to help know how much CBD and take I’m taking with flowers I was a lot confused when gummies had 15 mg in it and I didn’t know how much I was taking with the flower so I tried to do some research and I found this site it calculates THC but you can just use the CBD percentage and do the math that way it goes off of a 1-gram joint so it’s pretty easy to figure out what exactly you’re using keep up the good work again bro good talking to you! https://www.thecannabist.co/2017/01/31/thc-test-potency-marijuana-joint/41267/

  4. Hey Bud
    When you made your order did you have to send in a check? Or did you use a card to pay?

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