New Hampshire House Votes Yes on Recreational Marijuana

Concord, NH Just days after the announcement that the Cole memo will be rescinded, the New Hampshire house today voted to legalize recreational cannabis.

According to NORML, “New Hampshire House Leadership, instead of sending the approved bill directly to the state Senate, has referred the legislation back to the House Ways and Means Committee. Now, either the committee declines to take action and sends the bill to the state Senate or holds hearings on the bill before sending it back to the House floor for another full vote.

The Skinny

  • The New Hampshire house voted yes on a bill to legalize recreational marijuana today.
  • The bill passed the house with a vote of 207 to 139.
  • The bill now moves on to the House Ways and Means Committee.
  • If passed by the senate, the bill would legalize possession of up to 3/4 oz of cannabis and allow for the cultivation of 3 mature plants.

Stay tuned.

— Bud

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