Number Five aka T1 CBD Flower from Herbalites.com

Herbalites Nuber Five Hemp flower

Today we are going to take a look at a hemp strain called Number Five (aka T1) from Herbalites.com. This is actually kind of a special review because Herbalites was the first company that I found actual high quality hemp from.

Before that, the only product on the market was from the European company Kanapinis.eu, and saying it was low quality would be a compliment.

So I just want to give a shout out to Herbalites.com for being the first (that I know of) to bring us high quality hemp buds! Look how far we’ve come in only 4 months!

Shopping 8/10

The first time I ever ordered from Herbalites was a little tricky, but I was able to get tons of help directly from the owner of the site. Orders after that went smoothly.

Shipping 10/10

Another story about the first time I ordered from Herbalites.

There were several options, but I decided to go with the 20 gram option. To me, the packaging it arrived in was extremely awesome. The buds were packed in to small ziplock baggies w/ about 2 grams each. No smell proofing at all, but everything was packed inside of a big bundle of real hemp fiber.

There might have been a little bit of smell, but I didn’t notice it until I opened up the box. To me, that was really nice, but since then, we have learned that people buying hemp want discrete shipping (smell proof bags, vacuum sealing, etc.

Well, Herbalites has been listening, b/c they have upgraded to new smell proof baggies. So all the stinky goodness stays inside the bag, and your mail carrier won’t give you funny looks after it’s delivered.

Presentation 8/10

Everything looked super nice when I opened the box.

Herbalites Nuber Five Hemp flower in a smelly proof bag

– Lab results were the first thing I saw. Awesome, but I have to point out that they only provided a cannabinoid potency report. Since this industry is so new, there aren’t any laws that require companies to test for pesticides. But I think it’s something we as consumers need to start demanding. Hopefully, Herbalites.com will start providing this asap!

– The only down side here is the bud size. They aren’t tiny, but they are on the smaller side. I’d call them medium-small. As you’ll read later, that has no bearing on the quality and effects. I just think big buds are fun!

Herbalites Nuber Five Hemp flower on the scale

– The bag was also really cool, but unfortunately, the green wording Smelly Proof was really hard to see agains the green hemp. But it was definitely smelly proof!

Testing Grade 10/10

Safety testing: Yes (+5)

Potency Testing: Yes (+3)

Terpene Analysis: Yes (+2)

Herbalites COA test results

Click to see full size

First Smell 9/10

This stuff smells really good! That smell proof baggie also does an awesome job at keeping the delicious smells in! And the opening was perfect size for me to stuff my whole face in! ha ha!

It has a very floral/ citrus/ pine smell. Maybe a tiny bit minty too. Really refreshing.

Bud Quality 12/10

Even though these buds are on the smaller side, they are still really high quality.

– They are very dense and very frosty

– Really nice consistency and smooth vaping

Herbalites Nuber Five Hemp flower comparison

Vaping Taste 10/10

Number Five reminds me so much of Otto x Cherry! Tastes are really personal, but this is one I just love.

When vaping at 360 degrees, it starts out super terpy (orange/citrus, pine, floral), and that awesome taste is there, cloud after smooth and delicious cloud.

Definitely a 10.

Effects 10/10

Smoking or vaping hemp is a lot like smoking or vaping regular Cannabis, except without the intense THC high.

I think a lot of people worry that since this looks, smells, and tastes just like a hight THC strain, it might cause anxiety. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You get that same heavy feeling in your eyes and a relaxing sort of body high but you are totally clear headed.

Overall Value 10/10

I’m so glad I was able to try Herbalites again! Like I said, the last time I ordered from them, the product (Special Sauce) was amazing, but it had been while.

I have to say, this Number Five (aka T1) beats the Special Sauce hands down in terms of taste.

This one is easily in my top 5.

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  1. I started by finding Kannipas as well, then I found Herbalites. I liked that they were bringing a good product to the market, but I didn’t want to spend so much to try it at the time.

    Even though I’ve never ordered from them I would still like to in order to support their buisness. This flower looks great, I couldn’t find it on their website though. How did you order it (Number Five (aka T1) ?

  2. I got bud from Kannipas too, and it was horrible. Not anything at all good. Totally brown and smelled like old hay. Worst cannabis I’ve ever encountered. It was full of stems, seeds and leaves. The seeds looked like total crap, all white, and looked like they weren’t even viable. I tossed the entire shipment into my compost pile.

    Gonna check out Herbalites.com for something better than Kannipas.

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