Otto 2 CBD Flower from Tweedle Farms

Otto 2 - Tweedle Farms - closeup 5

Today, we’re taking a look at a brand new strain from Tweedle Farms. It’s called Otto 2. Otto is one of the first strains I learned about when I started researching hemp. And, it’s also one of the first strains I tried when I started buying hemp online.

Shopping na/10

Shipping 10/10

Tweedle Farms does shipping like no other! Super professional and very discrete.

Presentation 10/10

The packaging was neat and tidy. Buds come in black and clear smell proof ziplock bags.

Otto 2 - Tweedle Farms - package

Testing Grade 10/10

Safety testing: yes (+5)

Potency Testing: Yes (+3)

Terpene Analysis: Yes (+2)

Tweedle Farms Otto 2 test results

Click to see full size

First Smell 8/10

Otto 2 smells amazing. Really sweet and fruity. Lots of citrus notes. Very earthy.

Otto 2 - Tweedle Farms

Bud Quality 10/10

This boax is some of the most beautiful hemp I’ve ever seen.

Otto 2 - Tweedle Farms - closeup 1

On the outside, It’s color is about 80% purple, 15% green, and the remaining 5% is bright orange hairs. And it’s all coated in tons of frosty trichomes.

Otto 2 - Tweedle Farms - closeup 3

Start breaking it up by hand and the smell gets about 20x more intense. Lots of gas/pine/spicyness.

And after I’m all done, I can use my sticky finger tips to pick up random objects! Yay!

Finger sticks to a bottle cap from sticky buds

Vaping Taste 8/10

This Otto 2 has a very fruity taste. I’d say if you like Cherry Wine, you’ll like Otto 2 as well. It’s very fruity with a lot of earthy notes.

I found that the taste and vapor production was best at around 370.

Otto 2 - Tweedle Farms - closeup 4

Effects 10/10

Effects were really nice. For anyone who hasn’t tried hemp before, it contains almost zero THC, so you’re not going to get super high or paranoid. It’s really hard to explain, because it’s a lot like smoking regular marijuana, but without the high flying THC high.

And for those who are worried about anxiety, don’t! Unlike THC, high CBD hemp actually relieves anxiety.

Overall Value 10/10

As usual, Tweedle Farms gets a 10 of 10 when it comes to value. You’re getting a top shelf product for a fraction of the cost.

To any faithful mjgeeks out there who might be wondering what’s going on with the site, I’m still here. I’ve been making videos, but haven’t found a place to upload them yet.

If you’re looking for more content, I’m posting daily on Steemit (kind of like Instagram, except I get a little bit of cash for posting there.)

Stay tuned for the next review. It’s going to be Special Sauce from Tweedle Farms. And it’s really good!

Thanks again for reading!

— Bud

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  1. My Otto ii came in smaller buds. You definitely got the big juicy bud. Overall, I agree with the review. Love this bud.

  2. Your nugs always look significantly better than what shows up at my house. I love tweedle, but I always end up with a sack full of stems and small buds. Still easily worth the money, obviously, but I didn’t get a single nug like that in an entire half Z sack.

    • I’m gonna guess it’s probably because he’s reviewing them and has an audience, and they know that so they want to send him the best of what they have top offer. I noticed that as well. It’s like watching a burger king commercial, it’s never as awesome as it looks haha. Oh well I guess.

    • That’s cause the presenter, sponsor always gets the hand picked best ones lol. He won’t put pics of ass pieces

  3. I dont know if you heard, but cbd hemp direct dropped 3 new strains. One of the strains has 1% cbg apparently. I kind of wish Tweedle tested for other cannabinoids besides cbd and thc, but can’t really complain lol. Good review btw. My package of Otto looks really nice as well.

    • They send the stuff to him to review because of his audience, so naturally they’re going to give him the best of the crop. I noticed the same thing. A little bit of false advertising on their part. You kind of have to expect that sort of thing though I suppose.

      • Man. If you think Tweedle Farms is not on the up and up, that’s too bad, because they are just about the most legit company out there. Everyone else is just buying low and selling high. I don’t make any money from these companies. I just love cannabis and want to support this industry.

        You guys should really try to be more supportive of them. Especially at this early stage in the game.

        • I support Tweedle Farms about once a month lol. But it doesn’t change the fact that your samples always look a lot nicer than what other people are receiving. Not that it’s even a bad thing, it’s just the truth (I’m only speaking for myself and my own experiences, by the way). I mean, why wouldn’t they send you the best looking flowers out of the batch if they know that it’s being reviewed? And I wasn’t criticizing you or your reviews either, I actually visit MJGeeks every day. At any rate, I’m still a loyal TF customer, and they really are the best company out there right now.

    • I ordered a half ounce of Otto II and had a lot of larger buds. I picked it up as soon as it came out though, so i probably got an earlier bag that had bigger buds. On the flip side, my half of Therapy was bottom of the bag small buds (which still work just as well!) and I noticed the day after I ordered it was all sold out. So my theory is the bigger buds get packaged up first because that’s what is on top.

  4. Yeah it’s not really true reviews anymore if it isn’t ordered without the company knowing it’s going to be reviewed.

    I guess we will have to pay more attention to user feedback unless an order is actually placed.

    • Well, I hope these are more of a “Here’s what you’re getting” as opposed to me saying “You should buy this”. My goal is for the pictures to speak for themselves. If you can see with your own eyes what the flower looks like, how much it costs, what the shipping is like — you should be able to make a decision for yourself as to whether or not it’s something you want to buy. Right?

    • Dude it’s still a “true review” because he gets the same product we get. I can guarantee you that Bud (mjgeek) and Jason (Tweedle Farms) are two of the best dudes in the industry right now and they aren’t out to pull the wool, they’re out here busting ass to provide the medicine AND the reviews/writeups so we can get good info before we buy.

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