Otto x Cherry CBD Flower from Tweedle Farms

Tweedle Farms Otto x Cherry CBD floer closeup

This week, we’re going to check out another CBD flower product from Tweedle Farms. They currently only carry two strains. Last week, we looked at Suzy Q (which was awesome btw). This time, we’re going to check out Tweedle Farm’s Otto x Cherry.

And just FYI. At the time of this writing, Tweedle Farms is out of Suzy Q (unfortunately).

Shopping 7/10

I ordered this CBD flower online, at TweedleFarms.com.

The website and shopping process were fine, but upon checkout, things got really klunky. I think the system is a little bit more smoothed out now, but the only way to pay is via 3rd party ( Quickbooks invoicing ).

(By the way, payment issues are common in this industry. Most large payment processors won’t work with hemp and cannabis businesses, so they have to either take cash or pay more to use other payment processors. Hopefully this will be fixed soon!)

Shipping 9/10

I ordered on Monday, March 5th. The tracking initially said the package would arrive on the 10th, but it came a day early. Sweet!

Tweedle Farms Otto x Cherry shipping

The Otto x Cherry arrived in the same packaging ( medium sized padded yellow envelope containing a smell proof zip bag) as the Suzy Q. The only difference was that this time, there was absolutely no smell at all before opening up the smell proof zipper container.

Tweedle Farms Otto x Cherry packing

Presentation 5/10

After trying Tweedle Farm’s Suzy Q, I kind of had somewhat high hopes/ expectations that despite the low price, the flower would be pretty nice.
Tweedle Farms Otto x Cherry flower in the bag

Well, I have to admit. I was definitely a little a bit let down when I opened up the bag and got my first look at the Otto x Cherry.

Tweedle Farms Otto x Cherry flower on the table

Buds were very small. Obviously not trimmed. There were lots of seeds. They were visible in the bag, and on the buds. They were kind of a plain dark green color. Upon closer inspection, the color is a little nicer, and you can see some traces of purple.

Tweedle Farms Otto x Cherry bud

Tweedle Farms Otto x Cherry CBD flower

On the plus side:

Trichomes were visible and plentiful. The flower was obviously moderately potent. So the advertised 15% CBD seems about right.
Tweedle Farms Otto x Cherry CBD floer closeup

Testing Grade 10/10

Safety testing: yes (+5)

Potency Testing: Yes (+3)

Terpene Analysis: Yes (+2)

Tweedle Farms Otto x Cherry outdoor test results

Click to see full size

First Smell 6/10

The hemp definitely wasn’t fully cured, but the smell was still pretty pleasant. Very floral and sweet/ fruity smelling. Maybe a hint of mint?

As with most flower, when you squeeze or grind them, you can get a much more intense dose of the flavors above.

Bud Quality 3/10

If Kannapinis buds are a 1, and The nicest nugs in the land are a 10, then this Otto x Cherry is a 3. Maybe a 4.

These buds have a lot of seeds. Not nearly as many as Kannapinis, but maybe around 10 to 12 seeds per gram? As some of you already know, Both the Cherry Wine and the Purple Power Ranger from CBD Hemp Direct have lots of seeds. But with those, it’s not nearly as much aof a problem, because the buds are big. So seed density is a lot lower.

With this Otto x Cherry, the seeds are way more of a nuisance.

Vaping Taste 8/10

Once I was able to get enough seedless flower material off of the stems, I packed the chamber of my vaporizer (Arizer Argo), and fired it up.

And… Good! Very good! As I’ve said before, we don’t have access to a lot of variety currently in the hemp market. So when a new flower variety comes along, it’s definitely nice to be able to try something different.

The taste was very nice. Sweet, floral, and earthy.

For me, the vaping experience was definitely the silver lining of the whole experience. (also, the price. The price is crazy low. Seriously)

If you look beyond the seeds, the little buds, and the not so great cure, vaping this flower is definitely nice.

Effects 8/10

This flower has just about 15% CBD, and about .6% THC (after the THCA gets decarboxylated). So those who don’t use or haven’t used THC for a while, might notice a slight high the first couple of times using it.

But if you’re worried about geting any anxiety from the tiny bit of THC, don’t. The moderatley high amount of CBD is more than enough to completely overpower any negative effects from the THC.

It also works amazingly well for everything else CBD is good for.

For me, it’s good to unwind and relax.

Overall Value 8/10

If this is all you can get, then by all means, get it! For $50 an ounce, it’s a great deal. Relative to quality as well as to the cost per mg of CBD.

At 15% CBD, my $30 1/2 ounce contained over 2000 mg of CBD. That’s at least 1/2 the price of the cheapest CBD isolate I’ve seen.
Tweedle Farms Otto x Cherry CBD flower
So even though the product isn’t pretty. It is still good medicine. If not for smoking and vaping, it could easily be used for extracts and tinctures.

As always. Thanks for reading, and be well.

— Bud

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  1. I actually took the time to deseed my oz, and it was around 9% weight from the seeds. They are everywhere in those little buds.

    But, if your breaking it down to grind what you need to use, then you’ll only have to take out several seeds. So it’s really not the end of the world, just will take an extra 30 seconds to break a nug down and take out the seeds.

    • Just wondering if every bud has seeds, and what does it smell and taste like? I just ordered some earlier today and I would appreciate your info. I’m just curious

      • Also, how is the appearance, seriosly? Thank you for any info.
        From a curious customer

      • I pretty much support everything this review says. Nice light, floral/earthy smell and even taste.

        It’s probably the best CBD/$ out there right now. You just have to look past the downsides that the review talks about.

  2. Great review, are you going to try evansville cbd .

  3. Hey Bud J, I have some Evansville flower I will let you know about how good it is compared to Therapy Tea from BLM and Cherry Wine from CBDHD and Suzy Q that I have tried so far, I have one of each of Evansville strains, and I just ordered from Dakine Hemps 3 strains and Old Skool Remedies two strains also to try both companies cbd flower that test in at over 20%. I’ll let you know how all of those go and try to give and in depth review. I found a new site called Venice Kush at Venicecircle.com that sells some very nice CBD strains I was wondering if you were thinking about trying?

    • Hey. I’m really curious to hear about Evansville, Dakine, and also Old Skool Remedies.

      Also, I haven’t checked out Venicecircle yet. Going to check it out now! haha. Thanks!

    • Where did you buy the Dakine hemp and old skool remedies from Jason

      • Raul, I found most of the places on Reddit under “ cbdflower “ , and contacted the companies via instagram DM and ordered through email invoices they sent me

        • Awesome thanks man, also I am receiving some of Otto x Cherry CBD Flower from Tweedle Farms today but they are saying their new batch is indoor grown so I will let you guy know if it’s any different from the review posted on here

          • Also Jason do you do your own reviews on the CBD you buy, if so please share link

  4. Hey bud j do you fear.of a.law enforcement siezed. Can you reply for all that following you.

    • It’s always good to be cautious, but I am not breaking any laws. I hope people don’t have to worry about this sort of thing in the future.

  5. The strain is amazing, my buds where long some what trimed not really but very frosty, smells like OG i guess they took the time to perfect the buds, overall ots worth it and i diped a bud into a 17%THC strain with live resin CBG11% omg the best balance of nirvina.

  6. Can someone sprout these pleeeease, i like to use sprouts in my salads and since this comes with a bunch of seeds and its illegal to grow hemp, why not just sprout and eat some? germinating in wet paper towel and eating them right after they pop open ( i dont think this would be illegal since they will be to small to even have leaves but correct me if im wrong, i dont want to break any laws)

    • I think this would be a great idea! Maybe not the most legal from a technical standpoint, but yeah. Like Joshua said. I doubt they would even be able to tell the difference between hemp sprouts and any other kind.

  7. I don’t think law enforcement has the time or desire to break down the door of someone eating hemp sprouts!

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