The Quest for High Quality Hemp Buds – Part 3

Otto 2 Closeup

Welcome to part 3 of our quest for high quality hemp buds!

Yes. I know. We already found some amazing high quality hemp flower last month from Herbalites.com. But the quest continues!

Last week, I found yet another source for high CBD low/no THC legal cannabis called RawHempInfusion.com.

RawHempInfusions carries the same strain of hemp that Herbalites does called “Special Sauce”. But they also sell several other strains, including: AC/DC, Lamb’s Bread, Purple Dream, and Otto 2.

In this review, we’ll be looking specifically at the following products:

  • Organic Otto 2 Kush – 7 Grams Organic Hemp $45.00
  • Organic Purple Dream Auto Flower CBD Hemp 14% CBD 7 Gram Packet 1 $45.00
  • AC/DC 16% CBD – Indica strain – 7 Grams – mellow, relaxing 2 $90.00
  • Organic Co2 CBD Distillate “The Clear” 800 mg CBD / 1ml / 1gram Full Spectrum


Shipping was actually really fast. I ordered on Jan 4th, and the package was delivered on Jan 10.

The only downside was that I never got a shipping notification or tracking number.

Initial Reaction

RawHempInfusion shipment
The product arrived in a plain yellow/brown envelope. And honestly, I had no idea what it was until I opened it. When I did, there was a strong smell of cannabis.

Definitely nothing fancy in terms of packaging. The buds came in plain ziplock baggies, and the co2 extract came in a little plastic container.


AC/DC hemp

Click for closeup:
Otto 2 Closeup

I opened the AC/DC first and gave it a good sniff. And … grass. Hay. This was definitely not cured.

Apart from being pretty dark green, the buds were pretty decent size and intact. They could use some trimming, but all things considered, they looked pretty good.

I threw a bud in the grinder and packed my Arizer Argo. And by the way, after grinding, I was able to get a hint of the terpene profile.

The vapor taste was quite earthy and spicy. Not awesome at all, but also not horrible.

Effects were great. Very calming and relaxing.

Otto 2

Otto 2 hemp

Click for closeup:

Out of all 3 strains, the Otto 2 had the most impressive buds. Big and very dense.

Again, not much smell apart from the grassy / hay smell, but if you give the buds a squeeze, you can definitely get a hint of a sweet terpene profile.

After grinding, Otto 2 released even more sweet terpenes.

Vapor of Otto 2 was just so so, but the effects were quite a bit stronger than the AC/DC. I had a very strong heaviness come over my head and eyes. Felt really calm. Really relaxed. Extremely chill.

Purple Dream

Purple dream hemp
Purple dream had by far the most fluffy / airy buds. Not dense at all.

Click for closeup:

If I squeezed really hard, I could get a faint whiff of terps. But definitely the most devoid of smell out of the 3 strains.

The vapor of Purple Dream was ok. (to be fair, even Kanapinis wasn’t terrible with a vaporizer).

The effects were good. Calming. Relaxing. But not nearly as strong as the Otto 2.

CO2 Extract

I haven’t had a chance to fill a cartridge yet, but when I do, I will update this review.

The Skinny

RawHempInfusions.com is definitely not the $10 to $20/gram flower you’ll find in most medical and recreational states, but by my count, it is one of very few choices we have in states that haven’t legalized yet.

While Otto 2 was a standout, all 3 strains produced great results, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who doesn’t live in a legal state.

— Bud



  1. I ordered from Raw Hemp Infusion, I wasn’t the most pleased with the packaging but pretty pleased with the effects. Also, they were short on the strain I ordered (Lamb’s Bread) and only sent 3.8g out of the 7g I payed for, BUT they made up for it by sending about 8.5g of Otto 2 for FREE to make up for it. I’ll be trying the distillate next, but overall I’d give them a 3.8 out of 5! And yes, the leaf actually DOES have an effect that is different from the bud if you trim it off and smoke or vape it by itself, and it changes the effect in a favorable, energetic way if you combine the leaf and bud together.

    • Yeah. The packaging was not great.

      How was the Lamb’s bread by the way?

      That’s awesome that they gave you free Otto 2 to make up for the sort on Lamb’s bread.

  2. I ordered from this company twice, first time was great, second time, only received half of my order, I was assured that he was going to send out the other stuff in a few days. Never got it, tried calling him and straight to voicemail, message box full. So, order at your own risk.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I’ve tried to email them a couple of times to ask a question, and haven’t heard anything.

      I think they changed their website?

    • Arty
      May 01, 2018
      This is the reason you can’t get ahold of DREW
      May 01, 2018
      SCAM ALERT ! Drew is fake Watch his picture showing up in different websites, Videos of Hemp Collective Reviews He’s known as ProfessaG stating to go buy @ Hemp Collective, The Hemp Collective – Home | Facebook Known as Drew Fraser, Deep Forest-Oregon Hemp Collective REVIEW-You Tube The Account was TERMINATED by You Tube for Dishonest and THEFT, He’s known as Oregon Hemp Collective as Drew, maestrothewise@gmail.com phone # 541-799-8358 This is the only one Drew answers to because he thinks your going to send him money. SCAM ALERT !

  3. i live in the uk and purchased 2lbs 1 blue dream 1 lambs bread so yes i paid a pretty penny i talked to a guy named drew he told me every thing i wanted to hear all nug buds no hay smell sent me some nice pictures on arrival i opened the package to see to vacuum pack bags on looking at them they looked very leafy and dusty and not looking like pictures i put them on the scale to see both packets came up to 910g in the vacuum packs so both were under weight i opened one it was very dusty and leafy and had so very small buds in it whats known as shack in the hemp field it had about 35g of ok sized buds in the whole 1lbs and some had mold in them the other lbs was the same without the mold i send drew a message to let him know and ask for refund to be told i will not be getting a refund i live half way across the world i should be greatfull so if you live out side usa be carefull

      • Your welcome i do not understand why someone that can go to the hemp field and get the pick of the bunch would do something like that (Greed) his loss as i would of got a lot more than 2lbs if all went well

        • I never could get ahold of Drew either so I never messed with him again. I found other sites selling better quality product but pricier, and I found a site selling mid-grade quality hemp flower (11.5% CBD) for great price. I look forward to seeing more and more strains available in the coming months and years as the market expands.

  4. SCAM ALERT ! DREW is also known as RAW HEMP INFUSIONS Reviews Home | Facebook As the OWNER ! SCAM ALERT !

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  6. Drew got me a few weeks back too! Sent $200 through cash ap and never saw or heard a thing. Be careful. DO NOT ORDER FROM OREGON HEMP COLLECTIVE! I found a really good source for hemp flower and they always deliver checkem out if you want 2014hempfarmbillsection7606.myshopify.com Use my code so we both get a discount though haha. TNHemp

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