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HempBuds at Reddit - come check it out

Hi all! Some of you may already know, but I was moderating the subreddit /r/CBDflower over at reddit, and it got lumped in with some illegal subs and banned.

I tried to ask for help, but got none from the Reddit admins. I mean not even a reply to several emails.

So, I’ve decided to start over with /r/HempBuds. This time, hopefully, we can make it more obvious that we are legal.

Hi, fellow MJ Geeks! Just wanted to share an awesome new social platform called Smoke.io. Think of it as kind of like Instagram, Youtube, or Reddit. Except with one difference.

When you post good cannabis content on Smoke you DON'T get banned. You actually get rewarded with Smoke. A crypto currency like Bitcoin that you can actually redeem for USD.

Check it out and make sure follow and say hello @mjgeeks!

Smoke Network - Blockchain Cannabis Social Network


    • I should be getting the order from cannabinoidsheal really soon. Nothing from oregon Hemp Collective yet though.

  1. I just placed an order with Oeregon Hemp Collective for the sampler pack, 4 strains, plus 30ml vape and cartridge. It was $65 so I’m hoping for a great pack!

    I have a sample of Electra from Canniboids Heal, there was no report with it. It is straight up SKUNK! The effects seem strong!

    I’m looking forward to your reviews!

  2. Hey Bud, did they shut down hempbuds? If so, is there anywhere else we can gather to discuss our medicine besides Reddit?

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