Review of BuyLegalMeds’s Cloud N9ne Hemp CBD Flower

Buy Legal Meds Therapy Tea Legal CBD Flower

As you may know, mjgeeks has been on a quest for high quality CBD flower for a few months now.

It started with hemp flower from Kanapinis, which was pretty much the lowest quality cannabis I’ve ever seen. But still not a bad deal, considering the super low cost (about $40/ounce).

Next, we checked out Herbalites.com’s super tasty Special Sauce CBD flower. Even though it’s not cured well, it still smells and tastes great. And for the price, you really can’t beat it.

The next chapter in the quest for high CBD buds was an order of several strains of CBD flower from RawHempInfusions.com. These were also not cured at all, and smelled a lot like grass. However, the taste wasn’t too bad, and the effects were really good.

Today, we’ve got yet another brand of legal CBD flower to share. It’s from a site called BuyLegalMeds.com, and it just arrived today.

Shipping for CBD flower


Shipping was prompt. I received a confirmation promptly after I ordered, and a shipping confirmation very shortly after the initial message.

The flower from Buy Legal Meds arrived in a padded dark yellow envelope. (note, the package on the right is from another shipment. Read about it in the Empire Extracts CBD flower review. )

I even got thank you email shortly after ordering. Nice touch.

Buy Legal Meds Legal CBD Flower


Packaging was pretty awesome. They are well designed, and most importantly, they are smell proof! So when I got the package, there was no smell at all. Even after opening the cardboard box. No smell at all until you actually open the plastic container.

First Smell

All 3 of the strains smelled great. Unlike all the other hemp flowers I’ve reviewed so far, these were actually cured.

Of the 3 strains, Special Sauce was by far the most smelly (in a good way).
Buy Legal Meds Special Sauce Legal CBD Flower

Grinding / squeezing the buds made the smell even more intense.

Bud Quality

All 3 buds were very nice. They were what I would call “choice” buds. They were large, dense, and nicely trimmed.

The therapy tea had the biggest and most interesting looking of the 3.

Buy Legal Meds Therapy Tea Legal CBD Flower

The Therapy Tea flower was very dark purple, very big, and very dense.


All 3 of these strains are very high in CBD and very low in THC. So even though there is no typical THC head “high”, there is definitely a great, relaxing effect and body high.

The really cool thing about having 3 different strains is that each have their own unique terpene profiles, and noticeably different effects.

Buy Legal Meds Cherry Wine Legal CBD Flower

Cherry WIne high CBD flower from BuyLegalMeds gets the thumbs up!

Overall Value

Ok. This is the tough part.

While the quality of these legal buds was awesome, the price wasn’t.

$15/gram is a price I’d expect to see at a dispensary, where the actual costs are around $8/gram, but a ton of state tax is added on. I’m assuming BuyLegalMeds isn’t paying any state taxes here. So $15 seems really high.

On the other hand, this is hands down the highest quality CBD flower I have seen (this includes 2 strains from Vegas dispensaries and 5 strains that have been reviewed here).

I think it’s definitely worth trying, but for me to continue buying it, the price will need to come down.

Hopefully, this has been helpful. Leave a comment if you have any questions. Also, if you know of any other sources for CBD flower, please let us know.

— Bud

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  1. Could you go into more detail as to the differences in the effects of the 3 strains ? How did you like therapy tea compared to the others in terms of effect? What did therapy tea smell like and taste like? which of the three had the most relaxing effect?

    • Sure. The effects are pretty close for all 3. They all have high CBD, and all 3 probably have about the same amount(very little) of THC.

      I think the main difference is in the terpene profiles.

      All three were amazing. I changed favorites several times. But I ended up buying more of the therapy tea. The effect was really relaxing and nice. I think it has some myrcene (kind of skunky smell), and linalool (lavender smell).

      Terpene profiles are super strong and the cure is good.

  2. In your review, you write “… and noticeably different effects,” but in your response to a commenter you wrote “The effects are pretty close for all 3.” So my question is, which one is it? Thanks!

    • Good question! The main differences were the terpene profiles. That was really my biggest deciding factor. For me, the therapy tea was a little bit more calming. The cherry wine and the special sauce were also good, but had some different terpenes. Not as relaxing for me.

      I like that the therapy tea has so much CBD (like 19%). So if anything, the effect is stronger. So I had to use less.

  3. Hi!
    Thanks a lot for the review. I suffer from generilized anxiety and panic attacks. Used to smoke a lot of bud but now it has a negative effect on me (racing heartbeat,dizziness and feeling sick). I really miss smoking and have considered trying this as an alternative to regular bud. Will I still get the same racing heartbeat effect? Thank you!

    • It definitely shouldn’t. CBD is anti anxiety. However, I have heard of some people who had THC related anxiety in the past – who have had anxiety triggered by just the sight and smell of cannabis.

      If you think you might be affected in this way, you might want to try a tincture first. Just to learn how CBD feels. Then try flower.

    • No, not at all…I’ve tried two of the three strains and they both just make me relaxed and even a little sleepy but none of the “high” effects at all.

    • I have the same issue with THC, all of sudden I get pânico attack’s after smoking THC, these are a life saver. It tastes like weed and has body high, but no head high which means it does not trigger the panic attack. I do a small joint and smoke in 2 stages. One time I smiled a huge blunt and felt like a panic attack was coming but just did breathing techniques and was fine. I would always suggest to have some lorazepam in case it comes, I get a prescription and don’t use unless I get an attack, so I just refill the bottle a couple of times a year.

  4. Can you compare the special sauce from herb-a-lites vs BLM? Is BLM wroth double the price?

    • The first order from herbalites was amazing. But my second wasn’t nearly as good. Definitely not bad. But nowhere near the BLM flower.

      If I was comparing the first herbalites order, it would have been a lot closer, but BLM still wins easily.

  5. I get anxiety somewhat from smoking weed I thought about smoking some of this sense it’s high in cbd and no thc is this cbd hemp flower ok too smoke like is this the same as regular weed just no thc I don’t know the difference between hemp and weed are they both the same is it okay to smoke?

    • This should help with anxiety. It’s not going to get you high, but is relaxing.

      It’s just like regular bud. Smells amazing. Great cure. Lots of CBD (trichomes).

      You can smoke it, vape it, or even make edibles out of it.

      • Ok thanks for the quick reply I’m going to buy some I just wasn’t 100 percent sure it was just like regular bud I’ve been wanting some bud that was high in cbd and no thc so this will do great

  6. 15 dollars a gram for CBD bud (Therapy Tea) @ 19% cbd (190 mg) is damn near 8 cents a milligram! You can get high quality CBD oil cheaper! This is an absolute rip of and a gram of this bud should be no more than $4 a gram at most, they are making a killing because they do not have to process it into oil yet charge more than oil, WTF? The 1/8th of Therapy tea I received contained over 1 gram of stem, FU2 BLM!

    • It is expensive. But still a good deal when you consider the alternatives.

    • Nah, m8–most CBD oils I’ve had experience with are extracted from stalk/stem, this process skemps on all the other wonderful compounds found in flowers, if someone made oil from the flower & included the other goodies we overlook, then lets talk, eh?

  7. Hi. I’m Audrey owner of Kush Cloud Smoke Shop in Tampa. I’m interested in carrying your product but I’m a bit nervous. 1) will you test positive for weed in a drug test ? 2) what are the actual laws in Florida regarding cbd bud?? 3) what would I have to cover my ass Incase police wanted to try something? 4) can I buy a oz n break it down in my own packaging? 5) how many shops in Florida are you in?

    • I don’t actually sell products here. I just try them and review them.

      I can tell you that the products are legal, but there’s probably a decent amount of risk involved. And you’ll definitely want to check hemp laws in Florida.

      Herbalites.com has a really good wholesale section on their site that you can check out. They sell pounds. The owner is also really knowledgable and friendly.

      He also has a second site that has info for lots of other hemp farmers. Here –> https://hemp.rawmarket.place/

  8. I want to purchase this item in Indiana that actually doesnt have any marijuana related substances legalized what would be your input on that I know it states legal in all 50 states but from my research my state is different.

    • Yah. I’ve heard Indiana is pretty strict. Definitely go by your local knowledge. Especially if you could get into trouble.

  9. Well it ended up being to late to cancel my order so hopefully I don’t get in trouble .. fuck. Lol but I ordered wax of buy legal meds before and it came just fine no problems so as long as I don’t get caught out with it it should be alright.. just hope no problems come with mailing

  10. Thanks for keeping us consumers informed, mjgeeks is acme.
    Do you feel you could please let me know:

    Did you run into any seeds with this company?
    In your opinion, which strain had the most similarities to an Indica with THC?

    Thanks in advance, m8

  11. I just went to there retail store they just opened here in Las Vegas and I bought there Therapy Tea and I think it’s awesome! The buds are big, you can see the trichomes , the smell is amazing and it’s super relaxing. I have my medical card and you wouldn’t believe what they sell 1/8ths for here just in reg bud. $45 an eighth is what I spent in the store and yeah that’s expensive so if you buy at least half or an OZ and split it with someone then it’s really not bad. Anyways just putting it out there that the price is right for what there selling it for, I wish it was lower but the pain isn’t worth feeling.

    • That’s so cool that they have a store. Definitely a legit company. Great product, and I hope prices (or taxes) come down soon.

      I’m in California at the moment. I finally made it to a dispensary today. THey had absolutely zero CBD flower.

      They said they’ve had a hard time getting it and keeping it in stock because it’s so popular.

      I wasn’t able to see any prices, but all of their THC flower seemed to be around that same price ($35 to $45 for an eighth). I’d imagine if they had it in stock, the CBD flower would probably on the higher priced end.


      Order summary
      Suzy Q – Greenhouse × 1oz $85.00

      Discount (CBDFARM) $-21.25

      Total $63.75 USD

    • I’d rather not say exactly, but I’m on the east coast. Illegal state. 🙂

      • You must be in a Northeast Yankee State.
        Just say you live in a state of confusion and you have no idea why you stick around in a libtard infested, nightmare hell hole, infested with hostile third world invaders! I am sure any intelligent person will certainly understand your dire situation.

  12. OK I totally understand, you answered what I really wanted to know about legal or illegal state thanks

  13. I tried the Therapy Tea strain of cbd earlier today and only smoked .5 grams of it and I was just curious of what my results would be for my first use with it today and I tested positive with the cloud n9ne therapy tea strain. Why am I coming up positive? And how long should I expect the results to stay positive? I was assured that I did not take too much and am just wondering how it could be positive in my system with so little use of it.

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  16. What was listed on the shipping label? Did it say buylegalmeds.com or something else?

  17. Besides BLM, what online store would sell the next best bud for less than BLM? and what percent of CBD would constitute a good quality. I have seen anywhere from 5 to 11 per ent.

  18. Would i be able to have it shipped to me no problem in west Virginia?

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