Review of 16% CBD Flower from CBD Hemp Direct

CBD Hemp Direct big buds in hand

Update Cherry Wine is still available. Along with several other great strains (check out the latest cbd flower reviews to see them) Also, here’s the link to CBD Hemp Direct. Use “mjgeeks” ==> special rate for the mj geeks.

And the quest for high quality legal CBD flower continues! — I am happy to say that we just received a brand new shipment of legal CBD flower! This time, it’s from a company called “CBD Hemp Direct”.

There was an option to get 5 grams for $30, but since the CBD flower supply has been running a little bit low, I decided to get the 30 gram package for $80.

That’s only $2.66 per gram! One of the best prices we’ve seen so far for CBD flower!

Shopping na/10

Shipping 10/10

The flower from CBD Hemp Direct was packed in a foil like plastic package first, and then inside of a standard priority mail paper envelope.

It was a little beat up when it arrived, but no holes and no smell.

The main reason I’m giving it a 10 of 10 is because it was delivered so quickly. I only ordered it 3 days ago on Jan 18. I actually have no idea if it came today (Sunday the 21st) or yesterday. It arrived on Saturday the 20th. But either way, that was blazing fast.

CBD Hemp Direct shipping packages

Presentation 9/10

The design is very simple and nice. The actual package is very nice. It’s smell proof and re-sealable. Much better than some other packaging I’ve seen.
CBD Hemp Direct package

Testing Grade 5/10

Safety testing: No (-5)

Potency Testing: Yes (+3)

Terpene Analysis: Yes (+2)

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First Smell 5/10

I opened the bag and immediately took a good smell. There really wasn’t much there at all. There was some smell, but on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give the smell a score of 2. Not bad at all, just not much there.
CBD Hemp Direct closeup


I had to update this section because after I initially opened the bag the product came in, I put it all into a glass jar. I left it for several hours, and when I came back, the smell was definitely a lot better.

I’m not sure if it’s the paper /plastic packaging, or if I just wasn’t smelling clearly at the time.

Bud Quality 7/10

Based on the photos from cbdhemp.direct (flower looked really dark and low-ish quality), I really wasn’t expecting a lot. But when I actually got some of the buds out of the bag, I was very pleasantly surprised. Actually kind of shocked when I saw how big some of them were.
CBD Hemp Direct big bud
Not only did the buds look nice, but they were in great condition and nicely trimmed. Moisture content was great. Not crispy dry like some other’s we’ve seen. If there wasn’t such a lack of a strong terpene smell, I’d think they actually were cured well.

Flowers were also noticeably covered in trichomes, and semi sticky to the touch.

I should say that these buds do have some quite a few seeds. That might be a negative for some, but it’s a positive for someone like me who saves seeds for cultivation. I was able to pick about 10 15 good looking seeds out of a 1 gram bud. This isn’t anything close to what I found in Kanapinis’ flower, but it’s worth mentioning.

Vaping Taste 6/10

Even though there was not much smell inside the bag, there was definitely a nice smell when breaking apart buds. And that nice smell also translated into some really great vapor flavor as well. Very mild and pleasant. Sweet, floral, and a little skunky.
CBD Hemp Direct big buds in hand

Effects 8/10

I vaporized about half a gram of the flower and the effects were great. Like vaporizing other CBD products, you get a kind of heavy feeling in the eyes, and then feel really calm. It’s very pleasant.
CBD Hemp Direct big buds

Overall Value 9/10

Like I said, I really wasn’t expecting a lot based on the price and the photos from the website, but after seeing it in person and trying it, I can definitely recommend this product.

It’s not the best for sure, but it’s very close to, if not the best value I’ve seen for legal CBD flower.

CBD Hemp Direct in a jar

$80 for a jar full of beautiful big hemp buds? Definitely a great value!

Thumbs up for sure!

— Bud


  1. Does this smell and taste like regular weed and how long did the effects seem to last thanks

    • Yes. It smells and tastes like weed. It’s sticky like weed 🙂 It’s weed. Just bred for more CBD instead of THC.

      Effects only last about 1 to 2 hours. So it’s good for kind of on demand relief.

    • These guys are liars they work with cbd direct notice they say you get a discount if you use the code mj geeks the buds are full of seeds and you could smoke a pound and not get any relaxtion at all the buds are exactly like the ditch weed growing wild in northern indiana cbd is a scam theres no science saying it does much of anything wow it equals 1/4 of a baby aspirin as anti imflammatory stick to weed cbd is a scam for dorks into vaping who cant smoke real weed the same kinda liberal kooks who give thier dogs anxiety meds and dress them up for halloween it does nothing and smells like mexican dirtweed

    • Cherry wine smells like mexican dirtweed with a hint of cherry ugly brown buds full of seeds if you smoke cannabis cup strains like i do then youll find the experience horrible smoked a whole quarter got zero effects i guess if you lie to yourself you can pretend anything works im disabled ive got alot of pains it did absolutely zero for pain or sleep youre better off taking benadryl and advil ive concluded cbd is a scam to take advantage of the vaping and herbal trends theres zero research anybody here can post showing it does much of anything plus its expensive save your money for real weed

    • I started smoking their flower I used to smoke thc bud the effects for me last 3 and a half 4 hours it’s kinda like the light beer of weed

  2. Hey Bud J, back again. I just purchased the cherry wine from Cbdhempdirect, and some of the therapy tea and have loved both so far. But I found out a few days ago they came out with a new purple strain. I was wondering if you choose to try it if you could do a review of the strain? Your reviews have been so great in finding the best quality CBD buds available.

    • Oh wow! Yes. Definitely. I just ordered.

      I’m also planning to order from Herbalites again. I think they got some new indoor flower in, or they are supposed to get it soon.

      • Lmk how it goes I just purchased the 7g purple strain it should be here Monday

          • Just got my purple power ranger also waiting until I get home tonite to inspect

  3. Thank you so much. I’ll definitely be sure to check both reviews as I’m tempted to buy both. I’m trying to get a feel for each strain and it’s effects and what they can be used for. I’ve been trying to find one that will help with sleep.

  4. Please do let us know or please do a review of the purple power ranger strain you will be receiving from CBD Hemp Direct. I found the website in the most absurd location (EBay). Thou their account was unable to post any more listings, I directly messaged them and they provided me with the website. Glad to know that the product was good with your review. Once again, please do a review on the purple strain you will be receiving, I was actually planning on buying some myself!

    • I haven’t tested this myself, but from what I’ve heard, yes. Even .3% and under of THC can show up on a drug test.

      • You would have to use a LOT to fail. This is about a half percent THC. If you take it as prescribed you most likely won’t fail a test… Unless you smoke an inordinate amount.

  5. Thanks for the review I just bought a 5 gram bag to try my self. I have been using a cbd infused vape juice 300mg. With this effect me different? I know their should be but no real head change with this right.

    • It depends. Is your vape juice full spectrum (contains other cannabinoids, including less than .3% THC)? or just made with CBD isolate?

      You will probably feel the very small amount of THC the first time or 2. After that, it will not be noticeable at all.

      It’s nothing that should cause any anxiety or anything though. The CBD prevents that.

  6. Great review! I just ordered some Cherry Wine I believe. Whatever they have up now. I’m curious what vaporizer you’re using? I love those things. I just bought a Plenty by Storz and Bickel so I’m really pumped to try these buds in there. It’s a beast and holds a whole G. Cheers!

    • The plenty looks awesome! I’m using an arizer arGo. I love it!

  7. Would you know if this company ships to all 50 states? I live in Texas which is not a legal state, so I’m just checking if it is safe to ship here

    • I think so, but you should check your local laws first.

      Did you ask about Texas before? Because I thought CBD products weren’t legal there, but I found out later that I was wrong. I think TX is good with CBD products like hemp. But definitely double check to make sure.

      • CBD has been legalized in all 50 states, including Texas. I live in the Austin area and you can openly buy CBD concentrates/oils/edibles.

  8. Hello I would order 30 g of CBD flower in France is possible?

  9. is this a legit site? I have ordered the CBD Hemp Flower’s from empire wellness and it works amazing. However they are always out of the Cherry Wine. I want to order from these guys but i am a little worried as they only accept PayPal.

  10. I live in texas and work at a local head shop, when we received a 7gram jar of this herb for our store I was really hesitant. Is this legal to smoke in the Texas Houston area? And will this cause me to fail a drug test? Forgive me if these are dumb questions but I wanna get into cbd very much but I don’t wanna order from online and then have my mail raided at the post office ?

    • I ordered 5g of cherry wine for $30 from cbd hemp direct, I live in San Antonio Texas so to all my Texas people don’t worry the site is legitimate. I was a little hesitant at first but I ordered on a Monday and it arrived Wednesday afternoon. The company even tracks your package So you’ll be informed as soon as it arrives. So no worries guys.

  11. Hey Bud J CBDhempDirect has new strains and hash. They have very exotic, gunpowder, and artisinal. They all look great but gunpowder they say is super pungent and it looks FIRE. If you’d do a review on it or the other two or the hash that’d be sick! Thx man cheers !

  12. forgot to mention, on the site via pc theres an option for english, on android phone, use google chrome and it automatically translates to english, i ordered from there before, amazing quality.

  13. i just bought a bag of Jazzy popcorn buds from CBD HempDirect. I must say for the price you can’t go wrong. Only $2 a gram on the 50g bag. Only tried it once so far and not a bad feeling at all. Feelin kinda relaxed right now!!

  14. We got some Jazzy and did not realize it says .03% Delta THC, and then the other one I got lists no Delta THC AC Diesel 14 5% CBD, lab tested no Delta THC. Live in Texas, cannot do Jazzy since it popped in the test to having THC.. a urine test at his pain mgnt and he was removed from the Doctors case said he cannot treat him anyway

  15. Was there any hint of smell on the USPS package or in it before actually tearing open the bag with the bud?

  16. Thanks mjeeks Bud J! Your posts have been very helpful to me. I ordered 50g of Jazzy Popcorn from CBD Hempdirect, I was surprised by the whole process. No Smell through the packaging. The product is good I would agree %100 with budj’s Ratings 5/10 on smell 6/10 on taste makes me feel very nice. Looking forward to ordering and trying more strains. Seems like one step closer to Freedom. This is part of my pursuit of happiness!!!

  17. Page said card declined used another now both cards said declined money was taken from card I’ve recieved no tracking number or confirmation on it being paid not very happy!

  18. Order from CLTCBD.com
    A real brick and mortar store with awesome bud and fast shipping worldwide

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