Review of CBD Flower from Empire Extracts

1 Gram Special Sauce from Empire Wellness – Legal CBD Flower

mjgeeks has been on a quest for high quality CBD flower for a few months now.

We started with hemp flower from Kanapinis, which was not great at all. But still a good value, considering the super low cost (about $40/ounce).

Next, we checked out Herbalites.com’s super tasty Special Sauce CBD flower. Even though it’s not cured well, it still smells and tastes great. And for the price, you really can’t beat it.

The 3rd chapter in the quest for high CBD buds was 3 strains of legal CBD flower from RawHempInfusions.com. They weren’t cured at all, and lacked any initial terpene smell. However, the taste wasn’t bad at all, and effects were great.

Today, we’re reviewing legal CBD flower from a site called EmpireExtracts.

Shipping for CBD flower


Shipping was prompt. I received a confirmation promptly after I ordered, and a shipping confirmation early the next day.

The flower from Empire Extracts arrived in a small cardboard USPS priority box. (note, the package on the left is from another shipment. Read about it in the Buy Legal Meds CBD flower review. )

Legal CBD buds from Empire Extracts


Packaging looks good, but most importantly, is smell proof! No cannabis smell at all until you actually open up the plastic containers.

One issue I have with Empire Extracts’ packaging though is that they printed “NO THC” very prominently under the strain name on the package. And this just isn’t true.

It would be unfortunate if someone got into trouble over this, so I think they need to do something else. Just let people know that it complies with the 2014 Farm bill (less than .3% THC).

First Smell

On a scale of 1 to 10, Empire Extract’s CBD flower is about a 2-3. Taking a whiff right out of the bag after opening was quite underwhelming. Definitely not bad. And definitely not a grass smell. Just very faint. So faint that I initially couldn’t smell any difference between the Otto and the Special Sauce strains by the smell inside the bags.

After I actually started to handle the buds (especially after grinding), the smell became much more intense.

Bud Quality

I was pretty disappointed with how small the flowers were. Buds from both packets were pretty tiny. Definitely not what I would expect for $15/gram.


Effects of both strains were similar. Just a reminder, these have very little THC. But even though there is no typical THC head “high”, there is definitely a great, relaxing effect and body high.

Overall Value

This product isn’t bad at all. But with the underwhelming initial smell and the really small buds, there is no way I can recommend paying $15 for this product.

I don’t see any real difference between it and Herbalites.com. Except that Herbalites is at least 1/2 the price.

Hopefully, this has been helpful. Leave a comment if you have any questions. Also, if you know of any other sources for CBD flower, please let us know.

— Bud

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  1. So this product isn’t thc free?.?. If I smoke it when I’m clean with it show up in a piss test or hair test. I work in a plant and would love to use a product like this but would not like to lose my job.

    • I can’t say for sure, but there is definitely a very small amount of THC. I definitely don’t want anyone losing their jobs, so even if some of these products are labeled as “no thc”, I am still going to say they have a very small amount.

  2. As an amateur vaper and CBD oil taker, this one is my 1st foray into dry herb CBD products. So glad I’ve found ur blog and THANK YOU for ur exploring so I don’t have to go thru it all!
    That being said, i don’t have a dry herb vaporizer. Should i get one? Or can I take this by making a tea out of it? I don’t plan on taking CBD in dry herb form. It’s just too expensive for me as I live in Australia. So tinctures and vaping will be my thing. I just wanted to try this as a curiosity 🙂

  3. Wow hemp flower thats amazing. The only one i have tried was at the Venice Circle CBD store on the venice beach boardwalk while i was on vacation. It was a real relaxing effect throughput my whole body. They deliver so i get it here and there. I might try a few of these. Definitely give the Venice Kush hemp a try http://www.venicecircle.com

    • I already tried it. Review is coming soon. There’s a quick video on YouTube already. The channel is “mjgeeks”

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  5. I failed an at home drug test from this product and I have been clean from thc products for a month. This shit may have ruined my life. They should NOT write no thc.

  6. Omg me too…did you get the results sent to a lab??? Idk wtf to DO…

    • How much did you smoke, and what was the turn out of this test for you?

  7. Even though the company says its legal cbd flower, are they actually telling the whole truth about shipping it legally where the consumer will not receive any legal consequences? Weren’t you concerned on legal complications through the mail. Was it over state lines? The US laws are so complicated about marijuana and hemp now. Because I would like to find quality hemp flower , and this sounds great, but I want to purchase it legally and not get thrown in jail.

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