Review of CBD Flower from Monrow Hemp Company

Monrow Hemp - Jar

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at some really nice CBD flower from Monrow Hemp Company (Thank you for the sample!).

Their online store actually isn’t open until November 20th, but you can still visit the website and check out their strains until then.

Seller: Monrow Hemp Company

Strains: Special Sauce (15.6% CBDa – 1.7% CBGa – 1.6%CBCa)

Price: $100 / oz, $70 /half oz, $50 / quarter oz, $30 / eighth oz, $10 / gram

Update: Looks like they are actually offering 10% off right now. Check the “shop” page for details.

Smell – 9/10

I loved that this flower was packaged in such a nice jar. This seems to really preserve and enhance the smell of the buds (which is why I always try to store all of my flower in glass jars).

Monrow Hemp - looking into jar

The smell is very sweet, and very potent. There’s some fruitiness with a little skunkiness too.

Bud Quality

Density – 9/10
Very dense little nuggets.

Size – 6/10

Monrow Hemp - buds in hand

Vaping experience

I vaped this Special Sauce with my Arizer Argo on around 370 F.

The taste is sweet and fruity on the front end and more dry with a subtile bitter after flavor.

Monrow Hemp - closeup 1

Effects 9/10

Effects are really nice – and for me, this is enhanced by the great job on the curing / smell / taste.

Also, note that this flower has a relatively high percentages of CBG and CBC.

CBG is a minor cannabinoid and is known to be beneficial for many things, including anti cancer and anti bacterial.

CBC is also a minor cannabinoid, and is helpful for reducing inflammation and relieving pain.

Pricing 10/10

Pricing for MHC flower is very similar to most of the recent hemp we’ve seen.

The $100 / oz price is really good, but the prices for smaller amounts are a good bit more expensive when you look at price per gram.

I’d like to see cheaper options for smaller amounts, but for now, I suppose this is what we have for now.

Monrow Hemp - closeup 4

Overall Grade A

Please show your support

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Everyone have a great week!

Be well!

— Bud

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  1. Yeah, these prices appear to be the norm now. $100/zip is a good price IMO. $50/quad is not a good price IMO.

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