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Exotic Cookies Legal CBD Flower

Hello all! Hope all is well.

Today, we’re going to take a look at a new strain I picked up while I was in Las Vegas last week

Video review of Exotic Cake Legal CBD Flower

Strain: Exotic Cake

This was my first time ever hearing of this strain, but it is very similar to some other cookies/cake strains I’ve tried.

Smell: Mild and slightly sweet with a little bit of earthy savoriness

Bud Quality: Buds were nice and big, but unfortunately, they were pretty flattened because of the way they were packed. Nice and big and dense, but flattened.

Effects: Very nice. Relaxing. Feeling calm, anxiety free, and centered.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $10 for 1 gram (standard), and goes up to $150 for an ounce. If the buds had been nice and intact, I think the price would definitely be more reasonable. Otherwise, it’s a bit on the steep side.

Overall Grade: B+

Exotic Cookies Legal CBD Flower package

It’s a good product. Just a little bit on the steep side price wise.

I think an average 1/8th should cost no more than $20. If it’s a top shelf product, then it needs to look like one.

Thanks for reading and watching! Huge thanks to buylegalmeds.com. Go buy some buds and tell them mjgeeks sent you! Maybe they’ll give you a discount 🙂 Cheers! — Bud

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  1. 150 oz is way to spendy…..100oz and free shipping all around now days.

  2. $150 is not worth it at all way to much. Just buy from fields of hemp they currently have $100 oz’s with 20% off so $80 and you get fat and I mean fat nugs like 3.5gs.

  3. I remember when BLM was price gouging, buying Mission Lag hemp at a dollar a gram a lb. then spiking to $20+ a gram. They are and have always been dirtbags. I have a picture of the owner with his van full of Mission Lago, and the exact same picture from Mission Lago’s instagram.

    Complete. Scum.

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