Quest for High Quality “Hemp” Buds – Part 1

On a quest for high quality hemp flower

I’ve been on the lookout for a source of high quality high CBD low THC/hemp flower for several months now.

For me and many others living in non-legal states, the only legal cannabis products available are those with less than .3% THC. This includes CBD only products made from “industrial hemp”.

Searching my regular sources ( Google and Reddit ) revealed that lots of other people are looking as well.

Hemp Buds for CBD

In all of my searching, the only source for hemp buds seemed to be Europe. And the site most people referred to was Kanapinis.eu.

From the reviews and photos posted of kanapinis.eu’s products, it was obvious that the product was far from high quality. Buds looked extremely immature and full of seeds, and most reviewers agreed that the smell/taste was pretty bad.

Even so, this type of industrial hemp was the only thing I could find, so I went ahead and ordered the Selected Hemp Buds rich in CBD (40 g, Felina 32) for a total of $16.25 (including shipping – definitely no complaints about the price).

I received my hemp buds about 2 weeks later in a pretty conspicuous looking package.

Just a simple paper envelope containing a surprisingly attractive and well put together product.

The packaging looked kind of like a cigar box, and was jam packed full of seedy, thin, green hemp buds.

Reviewers said the buds were seedy, but wow! I’d guess that well over 50% of the weight was seeds.

Here are a couple of the choice buds. They look pretty good until you pick out the seeds, at which point they turn into a small amount of shake.

kanapinis hemp buds

Here’s a closeup of the flowers. You can see that there are indeed some trichomes present. Not a lot, but what do you expect for $15?

Consuming the Hemp Buds

Nope. I am not a fan of smoking, but even if I was, I definitely wouldn’t recommend smoking this product.

Vaporizing is a solid option here. It’s not going to be super enjoyable, but it should get the job done.

This was the method I ended up trying.

1) I purchased some 90% food grade ethanol and put it and the flower in the freezer for several hours.

2) I removed as many seeds as I could, put the flower into a gar, and poured alcohol until it was just above the material.

3) I screwed the lid onto the jar and shook vigorously for about 5 minutes.

4) I strained the alcohol through a coffee filter into a glass, added more alcohol and shook again for a few more minutes. (This was probably overkill, but I knew the yield was going to be small, so I wanted to try to get as much as possible)

5) Strained the 2nd wash into my glass and then used a flood light and fan to evaporate the ethanol.

hemp/cbd hash oil in ethanol

This only took about an hour, and I was left with a little under a gram of hemp/CBD hash oil.

hemp/cbd hash / RSO

The final product was actually pretty decent. And even better after I added some terpenes to it.

This definitely wasn’t the high quality hemp buds I was looking for, but all in all, definitely worth the cost.

If I’m not able to find something better, I’ll definitely be purchasing more flower from Kanapin.eu. And next time, I’ll be using at least 4 ounces of flower for the extraction.



  1. The problem is that though “industrial hemp” cannabis has very little THC to CBD the CBD level isn’t that high. My sense is that the folks who screwed up Monsantoizing marijuana into very high THC very low CBD strains need to work on very high CBD and VERY low TCH strains.

  2. Next time try HEMP PICKS. It’s a beautiful looking flower that looks exactly like high quality marijuana. It starts at $14 a gram and sold at a local tobbaco shop called smoker friendly. I live in a illeagl state so this is a soild legal option.

  3. Never forget your roots its been a lot of change in less than 2 years

    • RIP Kanapinis.eu. You were my first experience with hemp flower. I give a send off and a toke of 22% CBD lifter.

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