Review of 4 Strain Mystery Pack from Tweedle Farms

We have seen quite a few of Tweedle Farms’ products here on mjgeeks since I started reviewing hemp. But since it’s been quite a while since my last review (Tweedle Farms ACDC review from May 2018 ) , I decided to check in and try some of their current offerings.

As I said, it’s been a while since I reviewed or even checked their available strains. Back then, they only had a handful of strains. Other than ACDC, they had Therapy, Otto, and my personal all time favorite TF strain, Suzy Q.

When I visited last week, I found lots of brand new strains on offer, including Cannatonic, Frosted Lime, Kush Hemp, Lifter, and many others.

Since money is tight, instead of choosing just one strain, I decided to go with the 4 Strain Mystery Pack, which includes “four different strains, each in a 1 gram container”.

My package arrived within 3 business days of ordering. Super fast.

Frosted Lime

Frosted Lime (Outdoor – 13% CBDa grown by Magu Maiden Farms) was the first bag I opened. The smell was quite strong. A nice citrus pine smell.

Kush Hemp

Kush Hemp (Greenhouse – 15.86% CBDa – grown by Hemp Worldwide LLC) was by far my favorite of the sampler pack. It has a smell that is definitely reminiscent of the old school OG Kush strains. Super unique.

Special Sauce

Special Sauce ( Outdoor – 19.66% CBDa – grown by Tweedle Farms) was one of the familiar strains. It has a really nice sweet and floral smell. Nice and Frosty. Probably the prettiest buds of the bunch.

Blue Genius

Blue Genius ( Outdoor – 12.72% CBDa – grown by Unique Botanicals) was another new strain to me. Of the 4 samples, this one was of way lower quality. It was pretty dry and has seeds. Bad qualities for most buyers (excluding myself 🙂 b/c I like seeds and the drier flower actually vapes nicely)

Overall, I was very happy with my purchase. I got 4 grams for $20, and also got to try a nice variety of buds.

Of the 4 strains, I have to say that the Kush Hemp was by far my favorite. A lot of hemp strains can end up being really similar in taste and smell, but as I said, this was really different. Really unique.

The smell, the taste, and effects were extremely refreshing. Smashes the anxiety of the day nicely.

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