Review of AC/DC from USA Hemp Company

USA Hemp co - AC DC

Hi all, and welcome! Today, we’re taking a close look at AC/DC from USA Hemp Co.

About the strain: According to Wikileaf, AC/DC is “A cross between Ruderalis and Cannatonic”. It’s a 50/50 “hybrid”.

Shopping 10/10

Shopping/Shipping 10/10

Product: 2 Grams of AC/DC
Price: $18
Date Ordered: May 30, 2018
Date Delivered: June 4, 2018

USA Hemp co - AC DC

Sender Name: The sender’s name on the package is “USA HEMP CO”.

The packaging wasn’t very substantial, but since the product is in a glass jar, there was no chance of it getting crushed.

One thing I didn’t like about the 2 gram packaging was that they really crammed the buds in there, and it was pretty hard to get them out without mangling them.

Presentation na/10

Testing Grade 0/10

Safety testing: No (-5)

Potency Testing: No (-3)

Terpene Analysis: No (-2)

No documentation came with the flower, and I couldn’t find anything on their website.

They do say that the flower is “organic” (for what that’s worth).

First Smell 2/10

Just like the previous strain I reviewed from USA Hemp Co, this AC/DC is completely devoid of any good smells on initial jar opening. Unless you really love the smell of cut dry grass.

USA Hemp co - AC DC

After hand grinding the buds, I got the same grass/ earth smell, but there was a slight hint of mint.

It’s so crazy because there are obviously a lot of trichomes present.

I’m going to assume that this flower was harvested really late (all amber trichomes) and not cured at all.

Bud Quality 8/10

The trim job is very minimal/ rough. But even so, the quality of the buds is decent.

They are firm/ dense, mature, and very resinous (lots of trichomes).

Vaping Taste 2/10

Method of consuming: Vaporization
Vaporizer temperature: 370 degrees F

Unlike the Sour Tsunami, (which was decent) I really didn’t like the ACDC at all.

There was a slight hint of mint, but it was mostly bad. Hard to explain, but there was a definite bitter aftertaste.

Effects 7/10

If you don’t mind the taste and smell, the medicine is definitely there.

Overall Value 3/10

I wouldn’t recommend this one at all.

BUT! Stay tuned for the 3rd review (Cannatonic) from USA Hemp Co. There’s a little surprise there 🙂


  1. USA hemp co. Is an Unreliable company that will try to “get” you as a consumer or reseller.
    No business with them since there are official amazing cbd producers out there.

  2. USA Hemp never intended to sell flower whole. Last years harvest was meant for extraction. However, they realized there was a large market for biomass.

    I encourage you to give this years harvest a try, as it will be stored and cured differently and I guarantee you’ll change your mind!

    • Please don’t be bsing bc I’m hoping for some cbd bud to help ease my harsh anxiety and I wanna buy from them I’m just hoping it’s good

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