Review of CBD Flower from Canna Comforts

CannaComforts Otto X Hemp Flower

Last week, CannaComforts.com reached out and asked if I would review some of their CBD products. ( Looks like I’ve made it to the big time! haha.) I was more than happy to 🙂

This is a company I hadn’t heard of previously, but I was definitely impressed when I checked out their site.

In addition to 3 strains of flower (T1, F1, and Otto X), they also carry tinctures, pet products, CBD infused bath/body items.

My package contained 2 samples of tincture, a tube of CBD infused lip balm, a hemp pre-roll, and 2 strains of flower.

In this review, I’ll be focusing specifically on the flower, but I’ll also go over the other items as well.

Canna Comforts “Otto X” CBD Flower Strain

Cost: 1 gram: $10 — 3.5 grams: $30 — 28 grams: $100

CannaComforts Otto X Hemp Flower

Potency: Average CBD 12.4% / Average THC 0.16%
Testing: Potency tests are available — and I got an email from Canna Comforts saying that pesticide reports will be available on the website.

Smell: The Otto X was actually really unique. Upon opening the container, the first thing I noticed was that it didn’t have that typical skunky/ weed odor. If it’s there, it’s really subtile, but the strongest smell was mint.

CannaComforts Otto X Hemp Flower

Bud Quality: Buds were good quality. Medium sized and not squished at all. I’m assuming grown outdoors. Dark green/ Dark purple.

CannaComforts Otto X Hemp Flower

Vaping Taste:
The vaping taste was surprisingly pleasant. Really minty, sweet/floral, and earthy. Also, when vaping, it definitely has a subtile skunky / weed smell.

Canna Comforts “F1” CBD Flower Strain

Cost: 1 gram: $10 — 3.5 grams: $30 — 28 grams: $100

CannaComforts F1 Hemp Flower

Potency: Average CBD 10.8% / Average THC 0.14%
Testing: Potency tests are available on the website — and I got an email from Canna Comforts saying that pesticide reports will be available on the website.

Smell: The F1 has a subtile skunk smell. The main smell is sort of a spicy, savory smell. Almost reminds me of gunpowder from CBD Hemp Direct.

CannaComforts F1 Hemp Flower

Bud Quality: I’m not sure if I got lucky with this 1/8th or what, but when I took the flower out, it was one huge, beautiful bud. Very awesome! It could have used some trimming, but otherwise, really, really nice.

CannaComforts F1 Hemp Flower

Vaping Taste: Vaping taste was really complex. That spicy/savory taste was there at first, but after the first few puffs, the taste became more spicy, floral, and earthy.

I don’t have the terpene analysis, but I’d love to know if it has Guaiol (As I mentioned, it reminds me of the strain “Gunpowder”, which had a decent amount of the terpene Guaiol.).

Canna Comforts CBD Flower Overall Value

Cost is definitely not bad here. The gram and 1/8th costs are pretty average, but $100 for an ounce is very affordable.

Curing doesn’t seem to be great, but the smells and tastes (while not typical skunk/cannabis smell) are pleasant, and I’m definitely going to be enjoying them.

Canna Comforts CBD Tinctures

Honestly, I haven’t had tincture in quite a while. Not because I don’t like it, but because it’s so expensive when you look at cost per gram of CBD. But I was super thankful (and surprised) to get some.

They sent me 2 different samples.
CBD Isolate Tincture

CannaComforts CBD isolate Tincture

First was the isolate based tincture. This means it’s made with pure CBD isolate. I’d recommend it for anyone who doesn’t like the taste of Cannabis (It’s not for everyone).

The taste is very clean and pleasant. Good all around.

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

CannaComforts Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Tincture

Next up is the full spectrum tincture. Full spectrum tinctures are made using whole hemp flower, so instead of only having CBD, it contains all of the cannabinoids from the hemp flower. Including a tiny bit of THC.

To me, the taste is pretty good. Imagine chewing up a bud :).

Canna Comforts CBD Lip Balm

This stuff was super tasty! Smells amazing. I’ll definitely be using it.

CannaComforts CBD Lip Balm

Canna Comforts CBD Pre Roll

I don’t smoke, so I’ll end up unpacking this and vaping it. But for the smokers, this seems like a decent way to go.
CannaComforts PreRoll

NOTE: the discount code “Rollout” available above. I haven’t tried it, but I’m guessing it’s available for anyone to use for a 10% off.

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  1. Just made my order. I trust Bud’s expertice. If he says it’s good, that’s good enough for me. I also like that’s he honest cause if it sucks he’ll say it sucks.

  2. Do you get high of this stuff? I’m curious because I live in Kansas and can’t have a hot UA. Thank you

  3. You didn’t review how any of this made you feel. Did it help with pain? Anxiety? Etc.

  4. Well, a year and a half later I’m leaving. They sent me a VERY light ounce and didn’t send me the rest or anything else to make up like I requested. Guess they’re getting complacent.

    • I spoke too soon. They fixed it. I’m really glad they did. I am super brand loyal, and and happy they came through.

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