Review of CBD Flower from Plain Jane

Plain Jane Hemp - packaging

Hello fellow mj geeks! Today, we’re going to take a look at a brand new product I recently ordered from PlainJane.io.

Strain: The packaging only says “plain Jane” and “CBD flower”. No mention of a strain on the package. But inside, the lab report says it’s Berry Exotic 2.

Potency: CBD 0.59% / CBDa 10.5% / THC 0.063%

Plain Jane Hemp - buds w/ coin

Shopping 10/10

Shopping/Shipping 5/10

Product: 4 Grams of CBD Flower
Price: $20
Date Ordered: Jun 21, 2018
Date Delivered: June 30, 2018

Sender Name: The sender’s name on the package is “Plain Jane”, and the return to address is in Berkeley, CA.

Shopping was fine. The website is nice. Packaging was pretty standard.

My main issue was the amount of time it took for them to ship this product. Usually when I order hemp, it’s shipped that day or on the very next business day. This was shipped a week after I ordered.

Presentation na/10

Testing Grade 3/10

Safety testing: No (-5)

Potency Testing: Yes (+3)

Terpene Analysis: No (-2)

Potency test results came in the envelope

Plain Jane Hemp - COA

First Smell 1/10

According to Plain Jane’s website, they have a special process to remove much of the chlorophyll and odor of the hemp.

Here’s the text from their site.

Our flower appears darker than all of our competitors because we remove chlorophyll, salts, and other toxins. Our unique process results in the best experience you’ve ever had with CBD flower.

Plain Jane Hemp - bud color - brown

The smell was very earthy. In my opinion, not pleasant.

Bud Quality 2/10

Buds are very dark. The color reminds me of the low quality brick cannabis that was sold in the 80s and 90s.

Plain Jane Hemp - buds 3

I’m assuming they are marketing this as hemp without the odor? Well, I have to assume that the “unique process” for removing chrorophyll and odor (mentioned above) is water curing. It’s the only method I know of to do this.

Water curing is when you take fresh cannabis and instead of drying it, you soak it in water for several days in a jar. As the buds soak, the water becomes green/yellow/brown (this is the chlorophyll and salts coming the plant material). Water is drained several times over the 7 or so day period, and by the end, the water should stay clear. After the 7 days, you just dry it out and use it. If you want to learn more about water curing, I’d recommend this video.

But wait. There’s more!
As I was editing photos for this review, I noticed what looked like a tiny bb or metal ball embedded in one of the buds.

Plain Jane Hemp - bug egg 2

So I went in for a closer look with my cheap microscope. At this point, I was starting to worry a little bit because I had already done the taste test.

Let’s just say that metal would have been WAY more preferable to what I actually found :`(

Plain Jane Hemp - bug egg closeup

Vaping Taste 1/10

Method of consuming: Vaporization
Vaporizer temperature: 370 degrees F


Effects na/10

Honestly, I didn’t vape enough to know. I was not a fan of the taste at all.

Overall Value 1/10

Not even once.

Well, it looks like Plane Jane has removed this product from their website. But you can still see it if you check Google’s cache.

I’m wondering if they sold out, or if they maybe realized the quality was bad? I don’t know, but I obviously am not a fan of this one.

I hope this has been helpful. And stay tuned for more reviews soon!

— Bud


  1. looks like a beetle landed on these buds, taste tested it and he left his ass to express the quality of the bud… gross man

  2. While Plain Jane attempts to discredit CBD Hemp Direct, they are emailing us inquiring about wholesaling CBD flower… SMH! And shame on you for stealing our Berry Exotic strain name.

    New message – cbdhemp.direct
    GoDaddy (Add as Preferred Sender)
    Date: Tue, Jul 03, 2018 11:45 am
    To: info@cbdsaves.org
    Click here to reply



    I’m looking to use your flower as an input for our own proprietary processing. I saw on your wholesale pricing sheet that you’re not looking for online resellers but we would use our own branding. Also, how negotiable are your prices?


    • Apparently they bought pounds from you and wanted wholesale. So, this is your product not a rip off, and in turn your bug egg or whatever.

  3. The delay in shipping has to do with the USPS holding CBD/hemp products. According to the inspector they will delay these shipments or confiscate. Reach our to these companies and recommend them going with FedEX, UPS or even DHL.

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