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CBD Gummies

I recently purchased several pounds of CBD flower trim from CBD Hemp Direct. And being the awesome company that they are (seriously), they threw in some new edible products for me to try.

The Gummies!!

I love Gummies! And as you can see by the amount of these that I’ve eaten. I probably love them a little bit too much. haha.

But seriously. I’m a bit of a candy snob. So when I saw these, I was a little bit worried that I wouldn’t like them. But these are right up there with the quality of Haribo gummies. Very good.

Edible Sugar Kief? Yes please!!

Interestingly enough, CBD Hemp Direct decided to use a special CBD kief coating instead of refined CBD. So when you eat them, they are going to have a cannabis taste. And if you’ve ever tried edibles or tinctures, you know this could easily be a bad thing. But somehow (I need to get the details), they managed to come up with a great recipe (Perfect combo of sweet and sour) that I seriously can’t get enough of.

Thumbs way up!

For me, these are perfect for after dinner. A time when I’m usually craving sweets anyway. But instead of eating a desert or regular candy and feeling bad / anxious after, I have a few of these and feel super relaxed for the rest of the night.

If you’d like to check them out, head over to the new “CBD Edibles” section of CBD Hemp Direct ( ).

Finally, thanks so much to the team at for sending these over! I loved them!


Chardonnay CBD flower from CBD Hemp Direct