Review of Chardonnay Greenhouse Grown CBD Flower from CBD Hemp Direct

CBDHempDirect Chardonnay CBD Flower 1

Today, I’m going to be reviewing a really special new strain from CBDHemp.direct (one of the very first companies I ever bought from).

CBDHemp.direct has done a really great job of providing a steady stream of new and high quality hemp flower products. Several of which are still in my top picks (Berry Exotic!!).

Well, this weekend, I got to try another CHD product that is definitely getting a place in my favorite hemp products short list. It’s called Chardonnay, and unlike most hemp flower available online, it’s greenhouse grown. Spoiler alert. It’s pretty amazing!

CBDHempDirect Chardonnay CBD Flower

Potency: Total CBD 15.1%
15% isn’t the highest CBD potency we’ve seen, but it certainly is high and gets the job done.

CBDHempDirect Chardonnay CBD Flower in hand

Currently, it looks like the terpene and potency analysis are available. I’m not seeing the contaminant / pesticide report, but they have been great at getting them for all of their other strains, so I’m sure it’s coming.

full test results here

The smell on this flower is pretty ridiculous. It arrived Saturday night, and I only opened the package for a few minutes to give it a first smell (which was super impressive btw). Then I went outside to check on my hemp seedlings for about 5 minutes. When I came back inside, I realized the entire house smelled like a dispensary. lol!

CBDHempDirect Chardonnay CBD Flower 2

I smell: Citrus, pungent skunk/ pine/ spiciness/ and earthiness.

Bud Quality:
The whole 4 gram package contained one huge bud. I am super partial to big buds 🙂 The quality is great. Not super dense, but very big.

CBDHempDirect Chardonnay CBD Flower - detail

I’m going to assume it’s completely seedless. I haven’t actually taken the bud apart, but from what I have broken up, I’m just going to say it’s probably seedless.

Vaping Taste:
Vaping taste is very good. Flavors are like those described above.

CBDHempDirect Chardonnay CBD Flower - detail 2

Overall Value
Apart from one product I’ve tried here in CA (an indoor grown ACDC from Coast to Coast Collective), Chardonnay is on par or better than the other dispensary strains I’ve tried.

And at $25 / 4 grams, it’s far less expensive. There’s no doubt about it. This is definitely a great value.

On top of that, you can get this even cheaper (I think 10% off) if you use the promo code. Use: MJGEEKS.

A huge thanks to CBD Hemp Direct for sending it out (I really needed this! haha). And a huge thanks for hooking up mjgeeks readers with

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  1. Is this strain better than any strains that Tweedle farms has?

    • It’s all about your preference, but I personally like Tweedle’s own Greenhouse grown flower better than this.

      I still put this pretty high up there. It’s a lot better quality than a lot of the dispensary flower I’ve gotten.

      • So, Bud J are you as excited about the Chardonnay 25g top buds?!?! I plan to order 2 and I am really lookoing forward to it based on your Cola bud and Chardonnay reviews.

  2. So I had a friend order this for me because I couldn’t have it mailed to my house, my friend gave it to me and said it was sketchy cause it looked like real weed since it looked like nothing in this picture. I tested it out that night and I got high because I got the mental fog and I kept forgetting stuff. Do you think my friend switched it out with real weed? Because I got 4 grams of it.

    • why on earth would your friend switch it for something more expensive? does that make any sense to you?

  3. I got my order in today. 4 Grams of Chardonnay and 1.5 Grams of jazzy. Both are very good quality. Very Frosty, the jazzy is more dense and less aromatic directly out of the mylar. My Chardonnay is also in one very large and impressive bud. Right off the bat I got notes of citrus, mainly grapefruit and a slight hint of spice, with low undertones of fuel. Very pleasant I must say. I haven’t smoked or broken any apart yet. Came in two days, quality is great, my only complaint is the large impressive bud is sightly flat on both sides from the Manila shipping envelope. Not completely flat squashed, but less impressive than it would have been if it weren’t flattened

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