Review of Elektra, Lifter, and Purple Gas from CannaComforts

Canna Comforts review of LIfter, Elektra, and Purple Gas

This weekend, I got a package in the mail containing 3 samples of CBD flower from CannaComforts.

First. A HUGE thanks to CannaComforts for sending me these products that allow me to create and share helpful content (and good vendors) with the CBD Flower community.

Seller: CannaComforts

Strains: Elektra (15.87% CBD), Lifter (20.94% CBD), Purple Gas (16.43% CBD)

Price: $10 (1g) – $100 (28g)


Elektra – 8/10 – Sweet, Grapefruit. Skunk. Fuel/gas

Lifter – 10/10 – Sweet. Skunk. fuel/gas — Super strong

Purple Gas – 6/10 – Spicy. Woody. Earthy

Canna Comforts Elektra


Canna Comforts Lifter


Canna Comforts Purple Gas

Purple Gas

Bud Quality

Elektra – 9/10
Lifter – 7/10
Purple Gas – 8/10


Elektra – 7/10
Lifter – 7/10
Purple Gas – 7/10

Canna Comforts Elektra 2


Canna Comforts Lifter 4


Canna Comforts Purple Gas 2

Purple Gas

Vaping experience

Elektra was very nice to vape. It starts strong with lots of terps. Then quickly gets more earthy / woody. This one finished a little bit bitter.

Canna Comforts Elektra 4


Lifter was amazing. This is evidently just a really strong smelling strain, because every sample I’ve tried from different growers has smelled amazing.

Canna Comforts Lifter 5


Lifter is full of myrcene, and is super skunky. I personally love that taste and smell.

The best thing about lifter is the after taste. It tastes like I’ve been eating a citrus/apple jolly rancher. If you haven’t tried a good dry herb vape, you should try it! Yum!

Purple Gas
Of the three strains, Purple Gas was the one I had low expectations of. The smell was just super mellow. Almost smells like a cigar box. Very pleasant, but not overwhelming at all.

Canna Comforts Purple Gas 3

Purple Gas

This one actually ended up being very enjoyable though. The taste was very spicy/ earthy and a little sweet, and it stayed consistent pretty much till the end.

Effects 9/10

were very good for all 3. But of the 3, I feel like Lifter gave me more of the effect I was looking for. More of that heavy eyelid feeling.

My second favorite effects were actually from the Purple Gas. It’s not one I would have picked if I was shopping / smelling, but I really think it would be a perfect for chilling before bed.

Canna Comforts Elektra cut in half

Elektra – Bud Cross Section

Canna Comforts Lifter 3

Lifter – Bud Cross Section

Canna Comforts Purple Gas 4

Purple Gas – Bud Cross Section

Pricing 10/10

Though I’d personally like to see prices come down even more, compared to what’s currently available, $100 per ounce is an excellent price.

Overall Grade A

CannaComforts easily gets an overall grade of A, and I can 100% recommend CannaComforts and these products.

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Everyone have a great week!

Be well!

— Bud

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