Review of Flower from Treasure Valley CBD

Treasure Valley CBD packaging

First things first. A huge thank you to Treasure Valley CBD for sending us this sampler pack to check out.

Treasure Valley CBD is new to me, but here’s a little bit of info about them from their website:

All strains mentioned were grown on our family farm of over 40 years. All genetics are provided by the reputed Oregon CBD. We are officially licensed by the ODA and also have our handlers license. This means we can extract, create and sell products to the public. We’re very excited to start by selling High CBD Hemp Flower and aim to move into CBD oils, tinctures and other Full Spectrum Hemp products.

As a special thank you for visiting this page, we would like to offer you $10 off your first order over $100…Use the code CURIOUSCAT at checkout for your one-time discount. Don’t forget to also add the code FREESHIPPING to any order of $50 or more.

Just like last week’s review, all the strains we are looking at today came from Oregon CBD. Last week was Lifter and Suver Haze. This week, we’re looking at Treasure Valley CBD’s versions of those 2, plus their versions of Hawaiian Haze and Elektra.

Seller: Treasure Valley CBD

Strains: Lifter (17.2% CBD), Suver Haze (17.2% CBD), Hawaiian Haze (13.6% CBD), and Elektra (17.5% CBD)

Price: $9 (1g)-$110 (28g) – $30 for the 4 pack sampler.


Elektra -9/10 – Sweet, Grapefruit. Skunk. Fuel/gas – especially after grinding

Suver Haze – 8/10 – Citrus. Sweet. Skunky, fuel/gas

Lifter -8/10 – Sweet. Skunk. fuel/gas

Hawaiian Haze – 8/10 – Citrus. Sweet. Skunky, fuel/gas

Smells were all very similar because the strains are all related. Check out the Oregon CBD 2018 Seed Catalog for more info.

Treasure Valley CBD - Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze 13.6% CBD

Treasure Valley CBD - Hawaiian Haze 2

Closeup of Hawaiian Haze.

Bud Quality

Lifter -9/10
Suver Haze – 7/10
Hawaiian Haze – 9/10
Elektra – 9/10


Lifter -6/10
Suver Haze – 6/10
Hawaiian Haze – 6/10
Elektra – 6/10

All were similar size. Average size buds.

Treasure Valley CBD - Suver Haze

Suver Haze 17.2% CBD

Treasure Valley CBD - Suver Haze

Closeup of Suver Haze

Vaping experience

I vaped both of these with my Arizer Argo on around 370 F.

These are all very closely related strains, so the terpene profiles are close. And good! If you go back thru my reviews, you’ll notice that I really love the more skunky, diesel, fuel smells. Elektra, ACDC, and AC Diesel have all been favorites.

If I had to pick a favorite out of these 4 strains, it would definitely be the Elektra. I’m not sure what the deal was, but that one had crazy strong terpenes.

Treasure Valley CBD - Lifter

Lifter 17.2% CBD

Treasure Valley CBD - Lifter

Closeup of Lifter

Effects 10/10

I wish I could come up with some subtle differences between these strains, but to me, they were all very close. You get the regular CBD effect (Super calm, relaxed, pain relief) plus any effects of the terpenes and minor cannabinoids.

Treasure Valley CBD - Elektra

Elektra 17.5% CBD

Treasure Valley CBD - Elektra 2

Closeup of Elektra

Pricing 10/10

Prices for Treasure Valley CBD are very good. Only $110 for an ounce. At a dispensary, you’d pay at least $10 per gram. Probably closer to $15 per gram. Treasure Valley is charging only $9 for 1 gram, and less than $4/gram when you buy an ounce.

Overall Grade A

It looks like we’ve got yet another Grower/ seller to add to the list! I love the way this industry is growing.

Please show your support

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in a state with full cannabis legalization. And most of us aren’t even lucky enough to have the opportunity to vote to show our support for the cannabis industry.

The way most of us can contribute is to support all of the amazing hemp sellers out there. That’s right. Buy hemp! If your favorite seller has their payment processor (paypal, square, etc) shut down, go the extra mile to get them a payment. Whether it’s using bitcoin or some other alternative payment method.

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Everyone have a great week!

Be well!

— Bud

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