Review of Lowell Smokes ACDC CBD Flower (pre-rolls)

Review of Lowell Smokes Pre rolls - pack top

Hello all! It’s been a little while since my last review, and that’s because I’ve been very busy moving.

The good news is, I’m just about done moving.

The even better news is, I’m now in a fully legal state!

If there’s any bad news, it’s that CBD flower is really expensive here (CA), and also relatively hard to find!.

I’ve got more reviews of fully legal CBD flower (hemp) coming this week, but for now, I though I’d review a product I picked up from a dispensary.

Shopping na/10

Review of Lowell Smokes Pre rolls - pack front

Ordering / Shipping na/10

I bought this from a dispensary called MedMen. I went in looking for any kind of high CBD/ low THC product. And the closest/ only thing I could find was Lowell Smokes ACDC pre-rolls.

Cost: This 1/8th ounce pack cost me a whopping $58.

Review of Lowell Smokes Pre rolls - pack back

Presentation 10/10

Packaging for this product was just insane. There are just so many awesome details. From the seal you have to break to open the pack, to the included pack of matches to the raised/ embossed lettering, and so much more.

Review of Lowell Smokes Pre rolls - pack bottom

First Smell 7/10

The smell was moderately skunky, with some citrus, pine, and earthiness mixed in.

Review of Lowell Smokes Pre rolls - pack side

Not nearly as pungent as raw flower, but there was something nice about the smell of a pack of joints (the thing I’d always imagined when I thought about what legal cannabis would be like).

Review of Lowell Smokes Pre rolls - pack matches and inside

Testing Grade na/10

As required by CA law, this product is fully tested for pesticides and chemicals. However, none of the test results seem to be available on the company website.

Review of Lowell Smokes Pre rolls - pack inner container and matches

Vaping Taste 6/10

Vaporizer used: Arizer Go

Temperature: 365

I don’t smoke, so I ended up breaking the individual pre-rolls apart and vaping.

Vaping taste here was: Piney, citrusy, and earthy. Not bad at all, but definitely not near the best I’ve had.

Review of Lowell Smokes Pre rolls

Effects 9/10

This flower tested at 16.71% CBD and .61% THC. So there is a noticeable difference in the THC effect, but nowhere near enough to induce any sort of “high”.

So for those who might be worried about the higher THC levels causing anxiety or dysphoria, it’s not an issue at all.

The effects are really great. Very relaxing and pleasant.

Review of Lowell Smokes Pre rolls - unrolled

Overall Value 4/10

This is actually a great product, but in my opinion, way too expensive.

I know I’ve given a low overall value score to some of the more expensive legal hemp products I’ve reviewed here. But compared to this product (and dispensary prices in general) even the most expensive legal hemp flower available online ( BuyLegalMeds.com and EmpireExtracts) are excelent values.

You can learn more about Lowell Smokes at http://www.lowellsmokes.com/.

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    • yes! I’ve alre started! Pics coming shortly on instagram

      • You should get some cutting it easy to grow just put the cutting in water for a week to clone them

        • Thanks! I will try for sure. If I get a really good one, I’ll definitely keep it and make clones from it.

  1. 58 bucks 😩 the presentation was prob worth it tho…

  2. Going to Southern CA for a month in August. I prefer high CBD low THC strains/edibles/pre rolls . Have any suggestions ??

    • If you’re in the LA area, try Coast to Coast Collective’s ACDC. It’s awesome.

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