Review of P19 CBD Flower from Starseed Botanicals

StarSeed Botanicals P19 CBD flower - jar bud

Hi all! Today, we’re going to take look at Starseed Botanicals. They reached out recently and asked if I would be willing to review their flower on mjgeeks (on the way to the big time, folks! lol ). After checking out their website, I was more than happy to.

While most hemp sellers just buy CBD flower wholesale (usually from Oregon, Washington, or another big hemp growing state), StarSeed actually grows their own hemp (which is typically a recipe for awesomeness).

The package from Starseed contained 1/8th of CBD flower, one hemp pre-roll, and lab reports for the hemp.

Potency: CBDa 18.25% / THCa 0.1%

StarSeed Botanicals P19 CBD flower - jar

Testing: As I mentioned above, the package came with test results for potency,

Smell: As soon as I opened the box, I immediately popped open the CBD flower and wow! The smell pretty much blew me away. I could tell right off the bat that the growers really know what they are doing.

StarSeed Botanicals P19 CBD flower - jar bud

The cure on this flower is top shelf for sure. As a matter of fact, it’s better than a lot of the flower I’ve seen in dispensaries.

The smell is super pungent. A definite weed/skunk smell going on. There’s also some citrus and spiciness. Very nice.

Bud Quality: Buds are very nice. Very fresh looking. Very colorful. Good trim job.

No seeds.

Vaping Taste:
Vaping taste is very good. That strong skunk smell is there as well as some citrus and floral tastes. Like I said before, great job curing!

StarSeed Botanicals P19 CBD flower

Starseed also threw in a pre-roll. I don’t smoke, but it’s great for those who do.

StarSeed Botanicals P19 CBD flower - preroll

I’ll be unwrapping and vaping this myself 🙂

Overall Value
There’s no question about the quality here. This P19 flower is definitely high / dispensary quality.

Starseed’s prices for grams and 1/8th ounces are pretty average for legal hemp. About $10 per gram, $30 per 1/8 ounce, and $200 per ounce (a bit more expensive).

They are offering a pretty substantial discount though. 10% off if you use their promo code (listed on the site), and another 20% off if you use bitcoin.

Use both discounts, and you’ll get a top notch product for a great price.

Hope this has been helpful!

— Bud

Chardonnay CBD flower from CBD Hemp Direct


  1. Hey bro, you left out the shipping description. I want to order some of that P19 ASAP it looks great and from your wording the smell and taste is what I’m looking for. Great Job, and thank for sharing.

  2. Out of your most recent two “good strain” reviews. Would you recommend starseed’s p19 or cbd hemp directs chardonnay?

    • Hey! Sorry for the delay here. If I had the money, I’d go with the P19 for sure. I liked the taste and smell of the Chardonnay better, but for the effects, I’d have to go with the P19 (which also tastes and smells good btw)

    • Thanks! Effects were definitely good! I just vaped a bowl, and it’s packed with CBD. This is also one where I can feel the THC a tiny bit more too.

  3. I ordered P19 last Thursday and it arrived 2 days later on Saturday. Completely sealed and discrete packaging. I have tried 5 strains from Tweedle farms previously and this is every bit as good if not a little better as I feel the effects are stronger.

  4. What are your opinions on the testing done here? The test I just looked at showed THC total below 0.1 which is lower than anything else I’ve seen. There wasn’t even a THCa bracket on it. You yourself said you could feel the THC more in this product, correct? Seems off to me.

  5. p19 is awesome. hands down of the of the best i have used thus far. i had a few questions and starseed was amazing to work with. bought a full oz this time and will prob stock up on a few more. ive tried all of tweedles, some from mystic, cbd hemp etc etc. i like special sauce, ac/dc, jazzy, otto/cherry, and a few others at the top but so far this would be my island cbd if i had only one to pick. i have 5 more strains on the way now so we will see if it gets topped and tweedle and starseed have some killer stuff due soon also. also shipping was ridiculously fast from starseed.

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