Review of PineBerry, Lifter, and Suver Haze from Tweedle Farms

Lifter from Tweedle Farms

First. BIG BIG thanks to TweedleFarms.com for sending us 3 samples of their brand new 2018 harvest to try (I’ve been following them very closely on Instagram – waiting for them to harvest. And finally, they have!)

Today, we’ll be looking at PineBerry, Lifter, and Suver Haze.

One more important note: From what I am hearing, CBD hemp sellers are currently experiencing a hard time with taking credit card payments. This is because must about all the major payment processors have stopped working with cannabis companies.

So even though paying might be a little more cumbersome than we have grown accustomed to, we should do our best to work with what’s there. Whether it’s a check, or using bitcoin. Let’s do our part to help keep this movement going!

Once again (3rd review in a row) the strains we are looking at are all from Oregon CBD. Very popular this season!

Seller: TweedleFarms.com

Strains: Lifter (22.9% CBDa), Suver Haze (18.6% CBDa), PineBerry (18.2% CBDa)

PineBerry from Tweedle Farms

PineBerry from Tweedle Farms.

Price: $9 (1g)-$100 (28g)


Lifter -8/10 – Sweet. Skunk. fuel/gas

Suver Haze – 8/10 – Citrus. Sweet. Skunky, fuel/gas

PineBerry- 8/10 – Sweet. Pine. Berry, Skunk, fuel/gas

PineBerry from Tweedle Farms

Closeup of PineBerry from Tweedle Farms.

Bud Quality

Lifter -9/10
Suver Haze – 7/10
PineBerry – 8/10

PineBerry from Tweedle Farms

Another closeup of PineBerry from Tweedle Farms.


Lifter -6/10
Suver Haze – 6/10
PineBerry – 6/10

All were similar size. Average size buds.

Suver Haze from Tweedle Farms

Suver Haze from Tweedle Farms.

Vaping experience

I vaped these with my Arizer Argo on around 370 F. All 3 were extremely effective (erased my anxiety instantly), and also very tasty!

I really am having a tough time picking favorites out of the Oregon CBD strains. But for this batch, if I had to pick a favorite, I’d probably have to pick the lifter.

Suver Haze from Tweedle Farms

Closeup of Suver Haze from Tweedle Farms.

Effects 10/10

All of these had great effects. Super relaxing. Very nice.

Lifter from Tweedle Farms

Lifter from Tweedle Farms.

CBD levels are very high. Especially on the Lifter! I’d love to try pressing some of this or having a CO2 extraction made.

Pricing 10/10

At $100 per ounce, you’ll be paying about $3.57 per gram! Not bad at all!

At $45 for the 1/4 ounce, you’ll be paying about $6.42 per gram.

Overall Grade A

If these are the outdoor flowers, I can’t wait to try the greenhouse versions!

One final note:

Please show your support

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in a state with full cannabis legalization. And most of us aren’t even lucky enough to have the opportunity to vote to show our support for the cannabis industry.

The way most of us can contribute is to support all of the amazing hemp sellers out there. That’s right. Buy hemp! If your favorite seller has their payment processor (paypal, square, etc) shut down, go the extra mile to get them a payment. Whether it’s using bitcoin or some other alternative payment method.

Everyone have a great week!

Be well!

— Bud

Chardonnay CBD flower from CBD Hemp Direct


  1. im becoming less and less impressed with tweedle honestly. the lifter i got was pretty terrible. super dry and not at all dense. doesnt smoke great either. and then the suver was just okay, pineberry was a bit better but ive seen way better recently then all three strains from other places. im bummed honestly i bought an oz of each from tweedle this time around. think im done with tweedle after this for a while.

  2. Yup tweedle has become more and more expensive with product that is mediocre I don’t know why but it seems that they get a big Rave over their product if you look hard enough and go through actual Farmers especially in Colorado you can find stuff that looks like your actual indoor cannabis very very high quality very good smell very good taste no harsh burn much much better than anything I’ve seen coming to Oregon it kind of bothers me that this will be one of the biggest Harvest that Tweedle Farms has had yet they have the highest prices they’ve ever had at first it seemed like they were legitimate caring for their customers offering low prices for decent product now they’re asking top dollar for stuff that’s just okay in my opinion

  3. In reply to Dan regarding Tweedle Farms: ” They just wanted to set their base clientel. Once they have create the buzz or demand for their product Up goes the prices and down goes the quality/service. Set your client base, act like the most caring people in the world, then they dont give a fuck .

  4. I’ve been lied to multiple times with them. What use to be honesty and care has now turned to greed and a bunch of liars. They are simply trying to get as much as they can while lowering their quality. I’m not too upset because you got to do what you got to do as a business, but what’s up with the lying? I’ve been buying since the beginning. A rep even said to me last time, go try other companies. I’ll take your advice then. I guess my money will go to your competitors, not tweedle.

  5. It’s called supply and Demand , CBD is getting Bigger and more popular by the day especially for ppl in states where it’s not legal, with these websites Ppl can get CBD buds shipped legally that’s most likely better quality than the THC buds in their area, So of course once the sales increase the price increases .You have to get on it quick when they first post it on the site , Especially now since credit card companies are not accepting payments to them it’s becoming more and more risky and tougher on their end.CBD will only get stronger and better over time as it becomes more established just give it time

  6. I have not had any problem with them at all not sure whats wrong with you guys. Lifter oz I got was fresh and sticky and frosty also reviews on there site echo this. Its also funny you bad talk but you don’t provide anything that’s better.

  7. Also people need to understand if you literally buy the when it first appears for the season you are going to be getting the small and quick drying buds because it is the first they will be able to offer while the rest drys and cures.

  8. If you think you have it good you haven’t try starseedbontanical.com

  9. I’ve never had an issue with tweedle. I haven’t loved everything I’ve had from them, but there have definitely been more hits than misses, and the misses were all from “sister farms” or whatever. I really like the suver haze I picked up, and am looking forward to their indoor release. I wish their pricing was a little more staggered – $100/zip is fine, $70/half zip kind of blows, especially when they are “sold out” of full zips.

  10. I gotta say…i dont see a cbd bud company with better product or quality. They are my go to forever. The last lifter i got could stick to the wall. I respect your opinion but strongly disagree. It was a very positive article if you read it iam writing this in 2020 too.

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